Traffic Tickets Up 65% in Olive Branch

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(Olive Branch, MS)  Olive Branch Police are writing not just more tickets, they’re writing a lot more.

By the Mayor’s own calculation, they’re writing about 2 tickets every hour of every day.

Watch your speed when driving through Olive Branch.

Since 2010, police officers here went from writing eight thousand traffic tickets in a year, to more than fourteen thousand.

Mayor Sam Rikard says it’s due to a realignment in the police department, ”Over the last year,  by virtue of going to twelve-hour shifts, has allowed us to assign at least two patrol cars on each shift to traffic enforcement duties only".

In fact, by the end of this year, it’s projected officers will write nearly twenty thousand traffic tickets

The most recent increase, about 65 percent, means the city will have to hire another employee in the City Court Clerk’s office to handle the paperwork.

Rikard says it’s not just about traffic, but helping keep a lid on all kinds of crime ”I think our data would show that any time we emphasize traffic enforcement, other types of crime goes down”.

Either way, nobody wants a ticket on their record, especially when fines in Olive Branch start at $187 and go up from there.