Students taking TCAP Tests this Week

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(Memphis) It's an important test for students in grades 2 through 8 and this year the TCAP means even more.

 "The big difference this year is that the scores will actually factor into the students grades," said William White, the Director of Assessment with Memphis City Schools

It's going to make up 15 percent of students' grades for their second semester.

The state required exam measures student achievement and in years past, it's held schools and teachers accountable.

Officials with Memphis City Schools say they hope the change will motivate students to be prepared.

"The fact that it is going to be part of their grade is just going to be another measure of accountability," said White.

As students get tested this week, Pediatrician Jon McCullers says parents can help out by making sure their children get enough sleep.

10 to 11 hours if they are in elementary and 9 to 10 if they are in middle or high school.

"We think about, as a adults, only getting six or seven or eight hours and that`s just not appropriate for kids and their development," said McCuller. "They need more time if they are going to have to focus on tasks like these tests."

He says children should stay avoid  sugar and caffeine, just to make sure they get enough sleep.

"Students who have been on top of things and are doing well on their assignments should do fine on the TCAP Achievement Test also," said White.

School officials are asking parents to get their children to school on time this week.

The tests will be taken in the morning Tuesday through Friday.