Oxford Animal Shelter Seeks Homes For Rescued Dogs

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(Oxford,MS)  A recent animal rescue in another County left lots of new dogs at the Oxford Animal Shelter.

About half are already adopted, but they still need good homes for the rest.

The new residents have folks like Christopher Curtis coming from miles around, ”To adopt a Pomeranian  Why? ’cause my little girl wants a new little dog.”

Curtis is just one of dozens of people who’ve come to see 39 Pomeranian dogs rescued from a dog breeder in another County.

We’re told the dogs were kept mostly in cages, rarely, if ever, let out, bred over and over and didn’t have a lot of human contact, so shelter managers say they’re not for just anybody.

”We really need people who are just understanding that these dogs do have some anxiety issues.  We’re prepared to go over everything with adopters or potential adopters,” said Sarah Turcotte of the Oxford Lafayette Humane Society.

Many of the dogs, which range from young dogs, to eight to twelve years old will need dental attention too.

The shelter has lots of dogs besides the ones rescued.

In fact, managers say there’s a dog here for every family.

Managers say the increased traffic has helped the adoption rate overall as word spreads about the new arrival,. ”With this rescue in particular, we’ve had a lot of interest, a lot of people spreading the word on Facebook, which is great.  A lot of people coming in here and wanting to just meet them, pet them and give them a little loving so that works well for us.”

And even if he doesn’t take home one of the rescue dogs, Christoper Curtis says he’s looking forward to bringing his little girl’s new best friend home soon, ”A very good home, hopefully.  Care for it every day, train it and give it love and care.”

For more information on the animals available at the Oxford Animal Shelter, including pictures of all the dogs up for adoption, check out www.oxfordpets.com