Robbers hit Jewelry Store, Tie Up Workers Inside

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(Memphis) -  The open sign may be flashing at the Handiwork  Jewelry Store but  it  does not tell the story of what happened  Thursday evening.

Around 5:40 pm police say robbers made their  way into the business but they weren't there to buy anything.

Police say the two men and one woman had a taser and a gun, tied up two workers and  got away with a lot of jewelry, running away on foot.

"I shop here all the time. We buy jewelry," says  Arthur Johnson, who has been a customer for months and can`t believe what happened, especially in light of the security at the store.

"The doors are secure and you can't get in unless they buzz you in and you can't get out unless they buzz you out. So I don't know why they would be a likely victim. Why they would be a  victim," says Johnson.

Workers at the store have been directed by police to not talk about the case while it is under investigation and the robbers are still on the loose.

The Jewelry Store Robbery put nearby businesses on guard as well, crime hitting a little too close for comfort.

"Supposedly they got tied up and robbed. They took the surveillance tape. That's the rumor right now," says Victor Ghosheh, who owns 'All About Bikes', the business next door.

At the Bike Shop they are still piecing together what went on right outside their door and thinking about what could easily happen to them.

"It's a  little scary. We keep ourselves protected here. I have a handgun permit and I carry it and so do my guys here. You never know what happens when you get in that situation. You just pray it doesn't happen  to you," says Ghosheh.

An ambulance was called to the store, but no word on any serious injuries to workers.

Meanwhile the robbers,  two men and one woman,  are still on the loose.

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