21 Indicted On Drug Charges In Lauderdale County

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(Lauderdale County, TN) Twenty-one people in Lauderdale County have been indicted on drug charges and all but two have been taken into custody in a massive drug sweep.

The charges in the indictment stem from the selling, manufacturing, and
distributing cocaine and crack cocaine as far as January 2011.

Each of the 21 suspects was charged with conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute cocaine, and more than 500 grams of cocaine base (crack cocaine).

They each face 5-40 years in prison if convicted.

Indicted are:

  • ANTHONY NIXON, a/k/a “Dirt”
  • DERRICK DAWSON, a/k/a “Big D”
  • MARKEE BARBEE, a/k/a “8 Ball”
  • DAVID WILLIS, a/k/a “Willie Boy”
  • KEITHIAN HELM, a/k/a “Killer”
  • JAMES WHITELOW, a/k/a “Bo Rock”
  • JIM ROBERSON, a/k/a “Jamal”
  • DECORMIC MOORE, a/k/a “DeMo”
  • JASON SIMMONS, a/k/a “Whiteboy”
  • AUNDRA SMITH, a/k/a “Dre”
  • LOUIS BONDS, a/k/a “Nick”
  • RONALD MITCHELL, a/k/a “Slick”
  • SHELTON BONDS, a/k/a “Danky”
  • ROBERT LATTIMORE, a/k/a “Big Latt”
  • LAFREDRIC JONES, a/k/a “Lil Bull”
  • CAMERON SMITH, a/k/a “Cam”