Allergy Season Longer, Stronger

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(Horn Lake, MS)  The 2012 allergy season started earlier than usually. Now, doctors tell us it’s also one of the longest-running allergy seasons they’ve seen in years.

Dr. Barry Politi of Horn Lake’s Family and Urgent Care Clinic says most urgent care cases he’s getting involve the same set of symptoms. ”It’s generally a lot of nasal discharge, clear, runny, throat irritation, itchiness, swelling, sinus congestion. But unfortunately, that leads a lot to other things like asthma, bronchitis problems and this is definitely the season for it.”

He says the season started earlier than ever this year, hit harder, and is lasting longer.

He says it’s also hitting people hard who typically have few if any allergy problems. ”Exactly. That was me a couple of weeks ago,” said Politi.

He says the severely allergic can expect to have problems off and on perhaps all summer.

In some cases, Politi says new drugs can help make some of the symptoms more bearable, if they don’t make them go away.

He says the lack of a winter and the wildly swinging temperatures of spring aren’t helping.

”We’re seeing more now than probably I can remember seeing for a long time,” says Politi.