Mid-South Food Bank In Need of Donations

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(Memphis) At St. Vincent’s De Paul’s Food Mission on North Cleveland in Midtown, those in need know that’s where they can find a hot meal at 9:30 every morning.

And according to volunteer Ken Roach, they are busy everyday,  “I would say anywhere from about 150-230 people. It kind of varies  but in that range, lately we have more over 200 days than we used to.”

St. Vincent De Paul’s in one of 300 agencies the Mid-South Food Bank supports.

At the food bank of Dudley, their shelves are bare. In the warehouse where they used to be dozens of cots of food, there are only a few.

Food Bank Executive director Estella Mayhue-Greer says it is not just the rising demand causing the shortage, that she thinks has been building up for over a year now, “The food industry has become more efficient. They are looking at their bottom line, so products  that we  used to receive through donations  are no being offered to us through a secondary market  of brokers who are selling to food banks.”

She said food prices are also hurting the Food Bank.

The donations have been steady, but years ago they were able to turn $1 into $10 worth of by buying bulk.

Now, it’s “for every dollar we receive in donations we are able to purchase 4 dollars in food.”

The word about the Food Bank’s food shortage has been spreading through social media.

Owner of Howell Marketing, Amy Howell began spreading the word through twitter after she heard a friend mention the shortage.

Howell is going to be having a food drive at her office at 408 South Front Street, starting Monday April 9th. Howell has coined the hashtag #memfood for the effort.

You can donate to the Mid-South Food Bank by dropping a food or monetary donation at the food bank at 239 South Dudley.

You can also donate money online by clicking here https://npo.networkforgood.org/Donate/Donate.aspx?npoSubscriptionId=1003406.

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