Gang Members Killed in Shooting

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(Batesville, MS) - J'bri Martin says the two men murdered were well-known here in Batesville, and now the news that they died because of gang-related shootings just makes no sense.

"It's real messed up, I think its real messed up for real," said Martin.

The men were found late last night, shot in the head, sitting in a car at the West Ridge apartments. The district attorney says they were killed possibly with an a-k 47 in an ambush style shooting.

District Attorney John Champion says the shooting came after one here on Everett. He says a car drove by and shot at a crowd, three teens were hit. He says the murders were pay back. Part of a war going on between two rival gangs in Batesville.

"What it is now, is escalating, we're going to find out the reason why, address those, and get these individuals off the street.", said Champion.

Champion says the gangs have been responsible for other shootings in the area recently and police are taking all steps they can to stop them.