Nice Weather Could Have Lead to More Motorcycle Fatalities

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(Memphis) Four people have died in motorcycle crashes in Memphis in the last three months.

Three of those fatalities happened this month alone.

March has been a beautiful month and more bikers are out riding soak up the nice weather.  But a beautiful day can turn into a deadly day if people aren't care.

Clark Chambers goes by the riding name Preacha.

He knew five people killed in motorcycle accidents in the last three months and motorcycle season doesn't even start until the end of April, "We haven't gotten to the real hot time, but because the weather has been so nice people are pulling them out and getting on them."

Preacha dedicates a wall in his garage to friends he's lost on the road.

He calls the interstate a terror zone, "I've had people pull out in front of me and it's sad they will look you right in your eye and pull out in front of you. It's a sad situation."

Preacha is president of a group called Bikers for Change.

They work to teach people how to be safe on the road.

He says be being aware of your surrounds and most importantly not texting and driving could mean the difference between life and death, "It could be anybody. An accident truly is an accident but sometimes it's carelessness."

For bikers he recommends they keep ear buds out of their ears and distractions at a minimum.

Bikers for Change is also lobbying for stricter punishments like a thousand dollars and jail time for those who cause motorcycle accidents.

He says they may take legal action against the city if conditions don't improve.