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Chef Elle: Double Date Waffles

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 Just whip up a batch of the Double Date Waffles and in no time, the smiles will warm the room.

So go ahead and try this recipe. After all, not only do we keep it simple, these are simply delicious.

Double Date Waffles as prepared by Chef Elle


1 3/4 c brown rice flour (organic)

1 1/3 c goat milk (organic)

8 dates (organic, pitted and chopped)

2 eggs (organic)

3 tbsp sugar (organic)

1 1/2 tsp baking powder

1/2 tsp salt (kosher or sea salt)

1 tbsp orange zest

grade A maple syrup (organic)

non stick spray


waffle maker, sharp knife, zester, whisk, wooden spoon, measuring cup and 2 medium bowls


Preheat waffle maker according to manufacturer’s suggestion. Chop dates, zest orange and set aside. Place dry ingredients in medium bowl and whisk. In a separate bowl, beat eggs and add milk. Combine wet ingredients to dry (including chopped dates and orange zest) and incorporate without over working the mixture. Allow to rest for 5 minutes.

Coat waffle maker with non stick spray. Pour the recommended amount (refer to manufacturer’s manual) of batter into waffle maker. Close lid and allow to cook until golden brown on both sides. Drizzle with Double Date or maple syrup, serve immediately and enjoy. (yields 2 servings) To accommodate a larger crowd, simply double or triple the ingredients.

Simple Concepts: Organic Brown Rice Flour can be replaced with Organic All Purpose Flour without altering the recipe. Since dates are naturally sweet, consider adding them to your favorite cereal. As always, for quality assurance, Chef Jean-Paul (Executive Chef, Simple Conceptions) suggests following the recipes as written.

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