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Beale Street Business Brings Beauty To Historic District

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(Memphis) A new business promises to offer something never before offered on the city's most famous street.

Among the many bars and restaurants that are on Beale Street there is a place you can go to relax and get glamorous before a big night out on the town.

It's called Kingdom Kreations An Exclusive Day Spa and Salon.

Beale Street is known throughout the world for its music and festive atmosphere now there's a new twist to the city's most famous historic district.

There is a place that adds some beauty.

Owner Stephanie Chatman knew she wanted to open a salon downtown she just didn't know where until she took a stroll.

" As I came further down the street, it was like Beale Street. I wondered could I possibly maybe, I don't know," said Chatman.

Chatman knows the answer now. She can open her salon on Beale and she did. Her dream is now a reality.

"You can sit for a little bit and enjoy the ambiance that's on the outside and then once you come on the inside you have an array of opportunity for some more pleasure," said Chatman.

The salon sits upstairs above Alfreds on Beale Street so even waiting for your chance to get beautified or relaxed is a treat.

"We could hear the music and all that kind of stuff then coming and kind of getting pampered and relaxed kind of takes you away from the all the excitement that's going on in there," said Karen Wright, client visiting from Kentucky.

You can come and relax and then kick it into high gear by adding a little glamour with a visit to Kingdom Kreations make up artist, Stephanie Nelson.

"You can come over after a Grizzlies game or before a Grizzlies game. Get that hair done, get that make up done. Just one stop shop and be off to do the rest of the evening," said Nelson.

Client Dawndria Finnie and her sister are planning a girls day out. The fun begins minutes after she leaves the salon.

"It's a one stop shop. You can everything done and then once you get finished, Beale Street," said Finnie.

Kingdom Kreations has reached out to hotels in the downtown area to help market to Beale Street tourists.

For information on services, prices and to book services on-line, go to www.kkspalons.org