Elderly Abuse Case & Man Who Pulled Gun On News Crew arrested

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(Joiner, AR)  What  was going on inside 77-year-old Wilton Goudeaux's  Joiner, Arkansas home for months was no secret to some neighbors.

They say Goudeaux was slowly wasting away.

Neighbor Benjamin Welch  saw the abuse, "He started getting lethargic. He was being beaten around the kidneys and ribs. They boarded up the house to kept him from getting out."

Welch says his friend suffered  at the hands of his three caretakers, one of them Wilton Goudeaux's own son, Wilton Goudeaux III.

Welch says when he tried to check on his friend he was ordered to stay away.

He called Adult Protective Services first in October.

Goudeaux's youngest son, John Paul Goudeaux,  who lives near Nashville also called about the abuse.

But he says there is a reason DHS took a while to take action, even after visiting the house.

"They were good at hiding it. My brother and Tonya were very good at not letting people know what was going on in the house," says John Paul Goudeaux.

That was the until that final call in January, when the elder Goudeaux was rushed to the hospital.

He died about a month later.

Within a week the three caregivers were in jail.

John Paul Goudeax tells investigators his brother was using meth, had siphoned off nearly 100-thousand dollars of his dad's money and had reportedly asked care taker Mary Odom to suffocate his dad.

Mary Odom's brother was the one who confronted us outside Goudeaux's home Wednesday, ordering us to leave.

He then went to his truck and pulled out a gun, making it clear he wanted us gone.

Thursday afternoon, he wasn't quite as expressive as sheriff's officials transported him to jail after we filed charges.

Brandon Odom faces Aggravated Assault charges.

The investigation continues into Wilton Goudeaux's death as officers try to figure out what happened and who all may have played a part.

Even Joiner's Police Chief is under investigation over some documents he may have handled in the case.