DIY Laundry Detergent

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  • Memphis Police have seen an uptick in Tide thefts.
  • Crooks steal detergent and sell it.
  • Many local residents avoid the costs by making their own.

(Memphis)  Cleaning products, gone grimy!  A woman was recently arrested after cops say she stole more than $200 worth of detergent and other items from WalMart. Thieves recently hit up a local Dollar General for more than $90 in Tide. It’s a growing trend as crooks later sell it, but what if you never needed to buy detergent?

Mayko Bender uses a device called Laundry Pure. It’s a product that works in conjunction with a traditional washer by filtering the water and sending it through a cycle.

“You just use the cold water, you don’t use the warm water and then you just wash it in this water and you don’t need any soap,” explains Bender.

Bender says she hasn’t bought detergent in years. Laundry Pure retails for more than $300, but Bender says it’s been worth it. She’s also considered making her own.

“A third bar soap grated, you know you just grate it with like cheese grater,” says Bender. Add washing soda, Borax and warm water and you’ve got homemade laundry detergent.

“It becomes lumpy if you let it sit for 24 hours, then stir briefly before using,” explains Bender as she reads the directions.  It’s easy to find a recipe online.

One blogger estimates he saves $65 a year by making his own. Another says his homemade power costs about 5-cents per load versus 20-cents for brand names.

“My friend that does this one, she said this will last you like a year,” Bender says.
Bender also saves by line drying clothes and making her own household cleaners.
“I think people would be glad to use them, they’re safer, cheaper, you know, easy to use.” 

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