Save on Gas with Rewards

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“It’s horrible, it is, it’s rough,” says one consumer about the rise in gas prices.

She was one of many motorists lining up, to fill up on discounted fuel.

They were using Kroger Fuel Rewards, where shopping for groceries, gets you cheaper gas.

“You earn one point for every dollar spent and when you achieve 100 points, then you receive 10 cents off per gallon,” says Kroger Co-Manager Jason Gottstein.

Customers can redeem the points at Kroger gas stations and participating Shells.

You can get as much as $1.00 off, and points expire after 60 days.

The fuel rewards program has been around for a while, but as gas prices increase, so does participation.

“It does make sense to go ahead and take advantage of any way that you can get three cents or a dime off a gallon of gas,” says customer Jim Goudelock.

Groceries aren’t the only way to get the discount. Customers can earn 50 points for filling a prescription and there are double rewards for buying gift cards.

“If you buy gift cards at Kroger, you receive two times the point’s value on the total towards your fuel rewards,” adds Gottstein.

Credit cards are another popular way to get gas discounts.’s Greg McBride says if you use the same gas station, get that company`s branded card to earn as much as 5% back on gas purchases.

McBride says if you use different stations, buy gas cards with a cash-back credit card and use those at the pump.

It’s also important to avoid cards with annual fees and always pay them in full.