Lavish Lifestyle for Mo’ Money’s Markey Granberry

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(Memphis 2/21/2012) Frustrated, fed up, Mo' Money customers say they've been waiting on their tax refunds for weeks, and now they can't get their cash or answers.

"The doors is locked, you can't talk to no one, all the Mo' Money is closed.  It's just messy, very messy," says Yvonne Cobbins.

It's a scene that's played out since the beginning of the month at Mo Money and Money Co offices around the MidSouth and across the country.

Customers promised fast refunds say they've only gotten the run around in return.
"I paid over $500 dollars to get my taxes done," adds Cobbins.

"They saying the banks fixin' to Fed Ex 'em all out, how, but the banks saying they have no control of that money.  It's still in Mo Money's hands," says Vicki Davis.

Congressmen have called for an investigation. The IRS says information has been turned over to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration.

Meanwhile, owner Markey Granberry continues to say it's not his fault.

"This is not a Mo' Money, Money Co USA Taxes problem, this is a systematic problem," Granberry told reporters at a press conference earlier this month.

"I don't have the money," he told a Virginia reporter.

Now, Granberry's own wife is asking where's the money?

The On Your Side Investigators poured through hundreds of pages of public records.

Granberry's wife of 20 years filed for divorce in September.

In court documents, Ellen Granberry said her husband withdrew $750,000 from a joint account in 2009.

She claims he could be hiding assets.

In August of 2011, Germantown Police arrested Granberry for domestic assault.

Mrs. Granberry alleges the Mo' Money co-founder beat her oldest son, and tried to strangle her.

Public Records also paint a picture of Granberry's luxurious lifestyle.

From a $1.4 million home in Shelby County to cars like a Lamborghini, a Bentley, a Lexus, a Mercedes and an Escalade.

A budget filed in court records includes $800 a month for housekeeping and $200 for fish tank maintenance.

Records also show Granberry isn't keeping up with his obligations.

As of late last week, he's behind some $55,000 dollars in taxes on properties listed under his name and associated businesses.

Some delinquent taxes date back to 2009 and at least four properties were slated for tax sale.

So what does the head of Mo Money have to say about all of this?

We contacted Granberry several times and he said he'd give us an interview, but that still hasn't happened.

We were removed form Mo' Money's main office last week and tried to catch him multiple times at the car dealership he owns.

Still, no answers for us, or the thousands of customers waiting for their money.

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