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“It’s just like heaven, that’s what I wait on every week,” says Renee Bond.

Like clockwork, Bond heads to Healthy Hair Solutions in Cordova once a week to have her tresses shampooed and styled.

“I just love it, love it,” she adds.

Some even say it brings out a new you!

“I feel like I’ve lost weight, you know my hair’s blonde and its cut the way I like,” jokes Gould’s customer Melissa Corcoran.

“I think it’s an addiction,” says Aimee Neely sitting in the chair at Healthy Hair Solutions.

Ladies fork over a lot of cash for that fix, but to some, it doesn’t matter. “If your hair’s not good, nothing’s good,” says one Memphis woman.

Experts say the key to maintaining that salon look is products.

“So, it’s really critical that if you cannot afford to come in every week, every two weeks, that you leave with the right products,” says Healthy Hair Solutions Owner Carolyn Bolden-Carter.

However, higher end products often come with a higher price, so if you are going to buy them, where can you find the most bang for your buck?

WREG On Your Side Investigators surveyed more than a dozen products at 14 different stores across the MidSouth.

We looked at names you’d be familiar with like Paul Mitchell, Mizani and Redkin.

We checked out prices at salons like Ulta, JC Penney and Wal-Mart’s Smart Styles plus big box, beauty supply, and drug stores.

Six times, a salon had the best price.

Like the Matrix Color Care Shampoo which cost $15 at both Ulta and JCPenney, at most drug stores it was around $19 and online, almost $20 once you include shipping.

Paul Mitchell Shampoo One was only $7.99 at Walmart’s Smart Styles, it was double online, and ranged between $10 and $12 everywhere else.

Regis and Healthy Hair Solutions had the best price on a Redkin shampoo and conditioner.

Following closely behind salons were beauty supply stores. They had the best prices, for example on Mizani shampoo and conditioner and Chi products.

Believe it or not, online “base” prices weren’t bad, and in fact, were competitive many times, but once you included shipping and tax, Amazon ended up with the highest prices, tied with drug stores.

We looked at CVS, Walgreens and Rite Aid, again they were tied for the highest prices and never had the lowest.

“I think that when a lot of people see a salon, they think they’re automatically gonna have higher prices.  I think that’s really neat that they’re having better prices now,” says Jessica Chandler

No matter where you shop, there are some insider secrets you can use to make the most of your money.

“Haircut is critical to maintaining that particular look, even if you’re wearing long hair, keeping the ends trimmed,” says Bolden-Carter.

When it comes to salon grade products, less, goes a long way.

“Salon products are very concentrated, you usually don’t have to use very much of them,” says Gould’s Salon Manager Jo Ann Rotello.

Finally, speak up.

“Let us know that you’re on a budget and we’ll work out a plan,” adds Bolden-Carter.

Another tip, prices always vary from week to week, so check for sales. We did this over about a month’s time, and at least once, we found some of the products on sale for buy one get one.

Also, if you don’t use salon products, but cheaper options, you can sometimes find coupons for certain products where you can get them practically for free.

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