Group Questions Mayor’s Claims

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  • Group looking to oust Southaven Mayor claims 1,000 signatures
  • Organizer doubts mayor’s denial of double-dipping
  • Mayor Greg Davis says despite receipts given to investigators, he was not reimbursed for all expenes

(Southaven, MS) Another big crowd is expected at tonight’s Southaven Board of Aldermen meeting.  It comes just days after allegations taxpayers paid twice to reimburse Mayor Greg Davis for the same expenses. 

Receipts make it look like it happened dozens of times.  Not everyone is buying the mayor’s explanation that it was all a mistake.

“Everyone on the city of Southaven, from aldermen to the mayor would be looking for another job,” said Linda Temple as she outlined her goals.  Temple is an organizer of Concerned Citizens of Southaven.  The group says it’s already collected more than 1,000 signatures asking the governor to remove Mayor Greg Davis from office.

Temple calls the allegations of misspending that have rocked city hall a nightmare.

“It’s not a witch hunt,” Temple insisted. “We expect him to say he did nothing wrong.”

So it was no surprise to Temple when Davis told WREG On Your Side Investigators that apparent double-dipping was all a misunderstanding.

The mayor says he was never reimbursed for the same expenses by both the city and Southaven’s Chamber of Commerce.  Instead, Davis claims he mistakenly sent some receipts to the state auditor that made it appear he was reimbursed by the city, but really wasn’t.

Auditors noted a lack of documentation for reimbursements by both the city and chamber.

“It’s the truth,” Davis told WREG On Your Side Investigator Scott Noll on Monday when asked about the reimbursements.  “It’s up to them to look at the truth and they can do their own research on the numbers. I can’t tell anything but the truth and the numbers show it. “

But for voters like Temple, the damage is done.  She believes with so many allegations of money mismanagement, where’s there’s smoke there’s fire.

“This is politics,” said Temple. “This is the way they get when they get caught with their hand in what we call the candy jar.”

Tuesday’s meeting of Southaven’s Board of Aldermen begins at 7pm.