Todd Demers

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Hello everyone, I’m Todd Demers. I grew up in Florida and have always had an interest in weather. My start in broadcasting came while I was a senior in high school when I worked at a number of radio stations in Jacksonville.

While attending the University of Central Florida in Orlando, I worked at more radio stations and for a short time at Walt Disney World. My first job in television was with a station in Orlando, where I anchored overnight news and weather and helped produce a morning show.

I arrived at News Channel 3 in April of 1986! I’ve been on the News Channel 3 Daybreak program since it first hit the air and also forecast for News Channel 3 at noon. That’s a quarter of a century!

For many years, I hosted the Muscular Dystrophy Association‘s Labor Day telethon (Tim Simpson is now the host of the MDA broadcast). I have 5 kids: Nick is 13, Savannah Rae is 11 and Baby Stevie (Stephanie Rose) is 8. I have two older children from previous marriage, Kristin, who is a Columbia college grad, and Lauren who is a sophomore in Florida. In my spare time, I enjoy, swimming, going to the park and visiting the Great Smokey Mountains in the fall.

What do I like most about Memphis is the parks this city has to offer, along with the ability to get away from it all but not having to travel too far to do that. Of all the festivals here in the Mid-South, I have to admit Memphis in May has always had a special place in my heart, with the Barbecue festival taking center stage.

Thank you for welcoming me into your home, and thank you for the kind words when we meet in public.