Monday, October 16th, 2017

Finally, a change to talk about in our Summer Like weather pattern. A Cold Front, A Real Cold Front, one that will bring us storms, winds and much cooler temperatures is still on track to move thru the News Channel 3 viewing area this weekend, late Saturday night, Sunday and into the wee hours of the morning on Monday.  I’ll show you how much rainfall you can expect and when it arrives coming up in the forecast.

Temperatures are still holding onto their above normal status across Memphis and the MidSouth. We are getting more cloudiness with moisture coming up from the Gulf of Mexico, but all that changes with the Well-Advertised and Long Awaited Cold Front this weekend.  Saturday looks like it will be mostly dry for your Fall Outdoors activities and most of the football games, but after midnight on early Sunday morning, all day Sunday and even into early early Monday, we’ll have a meaningful chance of rainfall and storminess, a good day to stay inside for your weekend dose of football.  Next week will feel much more like October, Fall and Halloween.  So, enjoy the break in the heat.








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