Wednesday, August 20th, 2014

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It is a hot and humid day across the Mid South with temperatures in the low to mid 90s and heat index values over 100 degrees.  This is actually the first day of what we expect will be a prolonged period of hot, uncomfortable days across the region.  Temperatures are expected to climb into the upper 90s as we approach the weekend.  At this point, a 100 degree temperature is not out of the question.

Tonight, mostly clear skies with mild temperatures.  Expect a low near 77 degrees with light southwesterly wind.

Thursday, sunny skies, hot and humid with a high of 97 and a heat index value of 105.  Southwesterly wind at 5-10 mph.

Friday will feature more sunshine with a high of 98 and a heat index value of 108 degrees.  Expect plenty of sunshine for the weekend with highs near 100 degrees and overnight lows in the upper 70s.






With 6-10 days of very hot weather ahead, learn more about heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

Tim Simpson, Chief Weather Anchor
WREG-TV 3, Memphis, TN
(901) 543-2111

There is quite a bit of concern about a large volcano in Iceland.  A swarm of earthquakes are prompting officials to plan for the worst! In years past, eruptions forced commercial aircraft to avoid the ash/smoke plumes that rose 40 thousand feet into the air.


The Mars “Curiosity” rover sure could use a “pit-stop” right about now.   Needs 4 new GoodYears and a tank of Sunoco fuel.  There is serious concern two years into the mission of tire wear.







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