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Thursday, May 28th, 2015


We’ve caught a break from the rain today, but showers and storms are expected to make a return Friday and into the weekend as an area of low pressure moves into the region.  This low will be in no hurry to leave, resulting in a soggy weekend.

Tonight, partly cloudy skies with a low near 70.  Wind from the south at 4-8 mph.

Friday, partly sunny skies, warm and muggy with a few showers and thunderstorms possible.  Friday’s high 86, overnight low 69 with southerly wind near 10 mph.

Expect partly to mostly cloudy skies over the weekend with scattered showers and thunderstorms both days.  Saturday’s  high 84, Sunday’s high 81.  Overnight lows in the 60s.  Rain chances will be running from 60-70 percent.

Monday, partly sunny skies with a few afternoon showers and/or thunderstorms.  Monday’s high 82, overnight low 67.



Here’s more on our weekend cold front.  We will get just a “taste” of the cooler air.


We talked this morning on Daybreak, about some Arkansas Lakes being closed, take a look at this to learn more.


There was an “Ariane 5″ launch yesterday boosting two commercial satellites into space, watch this picture perfect launch.

VA215 decollage ariane le 29/08/2013

VA215 decollage ariane le 29/08/2013


How cold is it in Antarctica?  Uh, There are no words for these temperatures





Even though you may live in the Mid-South, well away from the East , Gulf or Florida coastal areas, it is important to know about hurricanes and the dangers they can cause. This week aims to teach on a day-by-day basis the background of our planet’s most extreme storms. If you must travel for business or pleasure, this is a good way to know what to expect – and how to react – before a hurricane is ever developed in ocean waters.  Follow the link to the National Hurricane Center.




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