• Terry Hobbs Breaks His Silence

    He says the real killers in the West Memphis Three case were released from prison in 2011.

  • Terry Hobbs Talks To News Channel 3 Today At 6

    Hear what he has to say tonight on News Channel 3 at 6 with Sabrina Hal

  • Damien Echols

    Damien Echols – Life After Death

    This week marks 20 years since the murders of three young boys rocked the mid-south to its very core.

  • Mayors Promote Live in Peace Events to Curb Violence

    Here in Memphis one man has been on a decade-long mission to "Stop The Killing".

  • Judge Denies Family Request To See West Memphis Evidence

    (West Memphis, AR) On Tuesday, a judge decided family members of the three boys who were murdered in West Memphis 20 years ago cannot see all the evidence in the case. The judge said they can’t have access to all of it since it may be needed in a future trial. The attorney for Pam […]

  • New Possible Suspects In 1993 West Memphis Murders

    Mother wants to examine some of the items that belonged to her son and were found at the murder scene

  • Armstrong Listens to Community Frustrations

    MPD Director Toney Armstrong listened to citizens' stories of being harassed by officers. He also heard recommendations for improvements to the department.

  • West Memphis 3 Turns To Watergate Law For Help

    (Memphis)  It’s just a bike to most but to Pam Hicks it’s more than that. Hicks said, “As a reminder of good happy memories that still stay with me.” Happy memories seem so far away after all that’s happened in the last 19 years since her son, Stevie Branch, Micheal Moore and Christopher Byers were […]

  • Pam Hicks – Wants to see West Memphis 3 Case Evidence

    We told you on Live at 9 that a judge ruled against allowing Pam Hicks to see evidence in the West Memphis 3 case. Ms. Hicks’ son, Stevie, was one of three boys killed in that horrible attack 20 years ago. But her attorney, Ken Swindle, tells Live at 9, he’s never been so happy […]

  • Mother In West Memphis 3 Case Wants To See Physical Evidence

    (Memphis) The prosecuting attorney in the West Memphis Three case, Scott Ellington, has given his okay to let Pam Hicks see the items that were found with her son’s birthday. Pam Hicks is the mother Stevie Branch who was killed 19 years ago. He, along with Christopher Byers and Michael Moore were killed in West Memphis […]

  • West Memphis Three Case – Pam Hicks’ Lawsuit

    An Arkansas mother is playing hardball with authorities there. She says she’s entitled to see the evidence in her son’s murder case. So she’s filed a lawsuit, to make it happen. Pam Hicks is the mother of Stevie Branch, one of the young boys killed in the West Memphis Three case, nearly 20 years ago.  […]

  • pam hicks hobbs

    Mother of Stevie Branch Sues City & Police

    (Crittenden County, AR) Its been 19 years since Pam Hicks’ 8-year-old son, Stevie, was found murdered in West Memphis. “I miss him terribly, everyday,” said Hicks. “My life has not been the same with out him.” Since day one of the murder, she has been trying to get access to the evidence of what her […]