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To apply:

WREG-TV, an equal opportunity employer, is dedicated to providing broad outreach regarding job vacancies at the station. We seek the help of local organizations in referring qualified applicants. Organizations that wish to receive our job openings should mail your contact information to: WREG-TV, Human Resources, 803 Channel 3 Dr., Memphis, TN 38103.


Job Title:  Producer

Station / Department:  WREG-TV / News          Reports to:  Executive Producer


Purpose / reason for this position:

Memphis is one of the busiest markets you’ll find anywhere. That’s why our producers won’t accept yesterday’s leftovers, but seek out today’s news. Severe weather. Breaking news. Those phrases get our blood pumping. If you’re on a mission to create an exciting show every day, a show that never gets put to bed, WREG may just be the shop for you. 

You’ll work hard at WREG, so you’ve got to be able to keep up. Getting the facts right must be your highest priority. Producing at our shop includes story showcasing and writing, as well as posting stories online and on social media. You’ve got be a self-motivator, a strong writer and an ace at spelling and grammar. 

Those merely interested need not apply. We want the passionate, the producers who bring it every single day and take no prisoners.


Principal Responsibilities:

  • Produce newscasts that are fresh, accurate, balanced, imaginative, relevant, and meaningful.
  • Manage your resources daily to provide quality, contemporary newscasts.  Such resources include other members of the News Channel 3 organization, your sources of information, and production techniques.
  • Direct, motivate and coach reporters, photographers and other team members to generate compelling stories.
  • Communicate the On Your Side brand to viewers.
  • Write strong stories, in active voice, using proper grammar, spelling and ensure factual accuracy.
  • Post stories to the WREG website and social media.
  • Control development of news day and newscast by working with News Director and Executive Producer.
  • Direct, motivate and work with reporters and photographers to generate story ideas and direction


Skills and Knowledge Requirements:

Strong writer, organizer, coordinator, speller and grammarian.  Strong producing skills to develop write and organize the news for a logical and well paced newscasts.  Experience in news reporting and gathering.  Management skills to guide, schedule and coordinate work of reporters and photographers.  Have a valid state driver’s license (or be able to get one).

Producer/WREG, continued


Education Requirements:

A journalism degree or equivalent is preferred and/or two to three years of work experience.

Physical Requirements:

Dexterity to operate buttons and switches on keyboard.  Ability to lift up to 10 pounds of book, videotape, media, etc.  Ability to drive news vehicles.


Interested parties should submit tape, resume and references to Bruce Moore, News Director, WREG-TV, 803 Channel 3 Ave., Memphis, TN 38103, or email         No phone calls!


Apply online at:



 Job Title:  Reporter/Anchor

Station:  WREG-TV / Memphis CBS                           Reports to:  News Director


Purpose/reason for this Position:  WREG in Memphis is searching for a seasoned storyteller to join a team of champions.  We’re looking for a digger who can uncover leads in one of the sauciest cities in America.  That person must also present the news in a personal and polished style.  This place is news heaven, and the veteran good enough to win this job will be aggressive, resourceful and relentless.  If you lead by example… if you care about being fair and accurate… if you are a live-shot artist… let me hear from you.    If you love the give and take of social media… let me hear from you.


Core Job Functions:

  1. Brings in story ideas everyday
  2. Builds and maintains a list of sources
  3. Builds relationships in the newsroom and the community
  4. Turns stories on deadline that are fair, accurate and engaging to the audience.
  5. Presents those stories on live television in an energetic, conversational and creative style
  6. Posts and promotes those stories on the internet, social media, and other platforms that have yet to

be invented.

  1. Cultivates curiosity
  2. Relishes personal responsibility, including learning new things and adapting to change as the world and the industry evolve.
  3. Works well in a team environment.
  4. Refuses to give up, even when people aren’t returning telephone calls.
  5. Protects the reputation and integrity of self and that of the station.
  6. Welcomes coaching and constructive criticism without rolling up into a ball or becoming hostile.
  7. Understands and enjoys the privilege of representing the station at community events.

Minimum Knowledge Skills & Abilities:

Command of the English language, secondary language such as Spanish, helpful.  Should be able to write in complete sentences with proper spelling, punctuation and format.  Should be able to function under extreme stress and deadline pressures.  Experience in reporting and news gathering preferred.  Should have working knowledge of the Internet and feel comfortable using computers and electronic newsgathering equipment. 

Education Requirements:

A four year degree in liberal arts or journalism is preferred and/or two years WORK experience. 

Physical Requirements:

Dexterity for operating keys and buttons on computer and typewriter.  Vision and hearing and vocal communication skills used to gather and report news.  Ability to climb ladders and get in remote places to report stories.  Ability to use radios, audio equipment, telephones, etc. in newsgathering.  Works, as required, outdoors in all kinds and extremes of weather.  Must be able to drive a vehicle.

Statement about Other Duties:

The foregoing is not necessarily an exhaustive list of all functions essential to the job for which the employee is responsible, nor an exhaustive list of the minimum requirements and specifications necessary to perform the essential functions, including all responsibilities, skills, duties, requirements, efforts, or working conditions associated with the job.  While this is intended to be an accurate reflection of the current job, management reserves the right to revise the job or to require that other or different functions be performed when circumstances change or exigencies require it.


CONTACT:   Resumes and examples of your work may be sent to:

Bruce Moore – News Director


803 Channel 3 Drive

Memphis, TN  38103


Apply online at:



Job Title: Director                                                  Posting Dates:  

Department: Production                                         Reports to: Production Manager                                    


Purpose/reason for this Position:

The primary focus of the Director is to direct and code newscasts and related productions. Produce, direct, switch, code, develop effects and related templates.

Core Job Functions:

  • Directs and code newscasts and the pre-production for newscasts.
  • Interacts with newscast producer to understand the content, tone, structure and pace of the newscast.
  • Must be able to switch the live newscast.
  • Leads the production team to technically execute the newscast.
  • Coordinates with the Art Department to achieve the graphic elements of the newscast.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

Minimum Knowledge Skills & Abilities:

A working understanding of Ross Overdrive. Operation of video switcher, audio console, studio lighting, basic PC and Mac operation, and other equipment necessary for live News. Ability to direct programs and commercials. Ability to make decisions and react quickly in order to respond to last moment program changes and equipment issues. Ability to give direction to operations staff in a clear and logical manner. Ability to quickly interpret and react to producer requests. Must possess a valid State Driver’s License (or be able to get one).

Education Requirements:

A college degree is preferred and/or two to five years WORK experience.

Physical Requirements:

Good manual dexterity in order to operate the numerous small push buttons and rotary switches on the equipment. Good eyesight and hearing for the composition and evaluation of commercial production and programs. Good hearing to be able to receive producer commands and program cues. Use of headsets in communication. Ability to climb ladders and hang equipment in the lighting grid.

Statement about Other Duties:

The foregoing is not necessarily an exhaustive list of all functions essential to the job for which the employee is responsible, nor an exhaustive list of the minimum requirements and specifications necessary to perform the essential functions, including all responsibilities, skills, duties, requirements, efforts, or working conditions associated with the job. While this is intended to be an accurate reflection of the current job, management reserves the right to revise the job or to require that other or different functions be performed when circumstances change or exigencies require it.

Send resumes to – No phone calls!

Complete an Application online


REPORTS TO: Chief Photographer & News Managers

POSITION SUMMARY (Scope & Purpose)
The primary responsibility of the News Editor is to edit any news assignment in a concise, efficient and timely manner.
1. Operate non-linear and tape-to-tape editing systems
2. Complete editing assignments under extreme deadline pressure
3. Monitor and record microwave/satellite feeds
4. Knowledge of FTP clients and servers
5. Operate digital routers and file sharing programs
6. Troubleshoot editing-related equipment problems and report malfunctions
7. Communicate directly with Photographers, Reporters and Producers
8. Ability to adapt to rapidly changing technology

9. Performs other duties as assigned.

Experience in linear and non-linear videotape editing. Experience using PC and Mac computers. Ability to type. Ability to handle telephones and other such equipment. Must possess a valid Tennessee Driver’s License (or be able to get one).

Dexterity to operate buttons, switches and knobs on editing and playback equipment. Ability to communicate in office settings. Hearing for tapes, telephones, radios, etc. Ability to view computer screens for extended length of time. Ability to lift up to 30 pounds of gear consisting of videotapes, monitors, tape machines, etc. Ability to drive news vehicles.

News Photographers, News Managers,
Producers and Reporters

SUPERVISION: Total Number of Employees Supervised
– Exempt 0 – Non-Exempt 0
Apply online at


Job Title: Investigative Reporter                                                 Posting Date: March 8, 2012


Station: WREG-TV                                                  Reports to: News Director

Investigative Reporter

Channel 3, WREG-TV, Memphis (CBS affiliate) is hunting for an aggressive investigative reporter to join a team with a proven, highly recognized investigative brand.  The successful applicant must be creative, tenacious, ethical, competitive and a team player.  Solid researching skills are required. Will be working with a team that is committed to balance and accuracy. We hold people accountable, push for action and search for solutions. Five years reporting News experience and a college degree preferred.

Core Job Functions:

  • Organize, research, write and produce original investigative news stories, both for broadcast and for the Internet.
  • Develop human sources to generate story ideas, as well as respond to viewer-submitted tips.
  • Use public records, the Internet, and computer databases to research and analyze facts, statistics and trends.
  • Work with producer, photographers and editors to produce investigative stories both for broadcast and for the Internet.
  • Perform other duties as needed and directed by News leadership.

Minimum Requirements (Skills & Knowledge):

  • At least five (5) years experience as a broadcast, with serious investigative reporting experience preferred
  • Four year college degree in journalism or related communications field preferred.
  • Working knowledge of Internet and databases, along with familiarity with videography, editing and graphics.
  • Strong broadcast writing skills and command of language skills. Ability to write news content both for broadcast and the Internet.
  • Demonstrated strong news and ethical judgment, writing and organizational skills, along with an ability to work well with others in a high-pressure, team-based environment.
  • Ability to type, using a newsroom computer system.
  • Flexibility to work as needed within station hours of operation, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays.
  • Ability to assist in transporting equipment such as cameras and tripods (possibly up to thirty pounds)
  • Possess a valid driver’s license, or able to get one.
  • Professional appearance and behavior

If you are interested, apply in writing, including a link to your work or DVD to: Bruce Moore, WREG-TV, 803 Channel 3 Drive, Memphis, TN 38103, NO PHONE CALLS, PLEASE. Apply online at under Jobseekers.

WREG is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


Position/Title: Account Executive

1. Responsible for the retention of current business and the development of new business as evidenced by the attainment of sales goals in total revenue & emphasis revenue.
2. Sells special projects that generate new business.
3. Develops relationships with multiple level contacts at both agencies and advertisers in order to better understand the business objectives and advertising strategies of clients in order to help them achieve their objectives through effective use of electronic media.
4. Develops and successfully executes aggressive growth action plans, overcomes obstacles, continuously improves client relationships by adding value, enhances profitability and increases revenue by fully leveraging the station’s unique advantages.
5. Makes sales presentations to all classifications of advertisers to obtain orders for advertising time and use of commercial production facilities.
6. Co-ordinates internally the actual purchase of advertising time, placement of the schedule and availability of production material.
7. Schedules and makes marketing presentations in conjunction with Sales Manager/Marketing Research using station research materials.
8. Performs other duties as assigned.
Vacancy Type:
Full Time
Memphis – 38103
Three to five years media sales exp. & college degree preferred. Nielsen, One Domain, TNS , Internet/Convergence sales and Marshall Marketing exp. a plus. Need a proven track record of new business development plus ability to grow business by developing marketing solutions and creative ideas. Need to have excellent written, verbal and organizational skills. Must be proficient with Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, Powerpoint). Must possess a Tennessee Driver’s license (or be able to get one).
Eyesight to do sales research and verbal skills used in conversation. Ability to drive a vehicle, put together displays. Dexterity to operate keys and buttons on computers, and telephones. Ability to lift tapes, sales packages and other objects up to 20 pounds and over where needed. Exposed to all kinds of weather in connection with making sales calls on clients.
Additional Information:
Send resume to Local Manager: Email



Internships are not currently being offered News Channel 3:


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