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  • Victim Of Serial Rapist Speaks Out About Importance Of Rape Kit Testing

    Posted on: 5:51 pm, August 20, 2013, by and , updated on: 06:08pm, August 20, 2013

    Her rape kit sat on a shelf, untested for nine years. "It was a slap in the face," she said.
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  • Memphis Entrepreneur Tina Birchett Passes Away

    Posted on: 6:07 pm, August 19, 2013, by and , updated on: 06:12pm, August 19, 2013

    She blazed a trail that shined a light on minority women. The word “no” was not an answer, at least...
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  • MPD To Use $500,000 Grant To Test Rape Kits

    Posted on: 2:55 pm, August 19, 2013, by , , and , updated on: 10:36pm, August 19, 2013

    The grant will pay for the testing of 2,226 rape kits
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  • Pregnant Woman Shot, Apartment Owner Plans To Clean Out Crime

    Posted on: 5:30 pm, August 16, 2013, by and

    Harvard Stephens shook his head as he looked over the apartment complex he’s owned for two years. There’s work to...
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  • A New Fight Against Neighborhood Blight

    Posted on: 5:58 pm, August 14, 2013, by and , updated on: 06:21pm, August 14, 2013

    City Councilman Jim Strickland wants to use a pilot program for blighted neighborhoods. It’s based on the same payment in...
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  • Downtown Death Of 27-Year-Old Man Leaves Family Heartbroken

    Posted on: 5:55 pm, August 13, 2013, by and

    Three people are in jail for their suspected involvement.
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  • Preservationists Tried For Years To Help Nineteenth Century Club

    Posted on: 5:38 pm, August 12, 2013, by and

    (Memphis) June West, executive director of Memphis Heritage, says for years the organization reached out to the mansion’s owners to...
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  • What To Do When You See A Dog Attacking Someone

    Posted on: 4:35 pm, August 9, 2013, by and

    To avoid becoming a victim yourself, grab something to use as a weapon.
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  • Keeping Alzheimer’s Victims Safe Requires Cunning And Persistence From Family Members

    Posted on: 5:51 pm, August 8, 2013, by and

    If those with Alzheimer's who drive away are not found within 24 hours, statistics tell us that 50 percent will die or be seriously injured.
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  • Authorities Now Able To Send Amber Alerts To Cellphones

    Posted on: 5:40 pm, August 7, 2013, by and

    Thousands of Californians got an unexpected wake-up call Monday when their cellphones blasted out an alarm to let them know...
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  • Yard Help Eases Worries For 81-Year-Old Orange Mound Resident

    Posted on: 5:22 pm, August 6, 2013, by and , updated on: 05:58pm, August 6, 2013

    A group from Lifeline to Success hacked, trimmed and mowed through the overgrown backyard, bringing the home up to code.
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  • “Jesus Ain’t Going To Come Down Here And Cut It”

    Posted on: 5:25 pm, August 5, 2013, by and , updated on: 05:31pm, August 6, 2013

    The city told an 81-year-old man who can barely walk it would charge him $50 a day if he doesn't cut down weeds taking over his backyard.
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