Dennis Turner

Weekend Daybreak Anchor/Mississippi Reporter

Dennis Turner has very diverse responsibilities at News Channel 3.

During the week, Dennis is the DeSoto County reporter and on weekends he co-anchors and produces Saturday and Sunday Daybreak.

Dennis was born just a few hours north of Memphis in Southern Illinois.

He grew up in south Florida and attended the University of Miami.

Dennis began his television career in Miami as an anchor for a program on the PBS station WLRN and later at WTVJ, Florida's first TV station and a CBS affiliate, where he held a variety of positions. He then moved to WINK in Fort Myers where he won awards for spot news and feature reporting.

Dennis joined News Channel 3 as a reporter in 1987 and later headed west to Los Angeles to work for CNN and FNN. He rejoined News Channel 3 in 1991.

When Dennis isn't working, you can find him in the gym. He is a runner and participates in many 5K, 10K and triathalons each year.

When asked what he likes best about living in the Memphis area, Dennis says "It's big enough to have all the good things you'd hope to find in a GREAT place to you can still drive across town in less than an hour!"

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