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Molly Smith joined the News Channel 3 team in the spring of 2014 after moving from Burlington, VT, where she was a morning news anchor at WCAX-TV.

Molly graduated from Ohio University with a degree in Broadcast Journalism.

Her favorite assignments are those where she gets to meet people and learn about their daily struggles. Molly is slightly social media obsessed so you’ll want to catch her on Facebook and Twitter!

When Molly is not behind at work she loves to ride her bike, try out new restaurants, try to maintain a gluten-free lifestyle and when she can find snow… She likes to snowboard.

Recent Articles
  • MPD director prioritizing ATF information since takeover

    MEMPHIS, Tenn. — WREG first told you how the Memphis Police Department has not been giving the ATF all of the information about seized guns over the past decade. That has changed more recently under Police Director Toney Armstrong. The numbers are up, and are much more consistent. MPD says the technology between the two departments was the problem. They’ve gone from submitting 100 serial numbers a year to 2,000. Memphis police take 4,000 guns off the streets every year, […]

  • Police: Safest part of the city seeing increased crime

    MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Police are investigating a string of crimes in the safest part of the city. Lots of people come to Mud Island to take advantage of the walking trails, and their cars fill the parking lots. The problem is, a lot of them are staying into the night, and people who live on the island think they are behind a lot of the recent crime on in the area. Jeff Farmer told police and city officials, “It’s time […]

  • MPD illegal gun tracing numbers inconsistent over the past decade.

    MEMPHIS,Tenn. — It’s no secret Memphis has a gun problem. Tuesday, the Tennessee Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms told WREG it’s trying to get the Memphis Police Department to trace more of the guns found on the streets, and submit the information to the national level to help solve gun crimes across the country. Mayor A C Wharton was surprised by this news. He told WREG, “I’m glad you raised that point, I will find out. Trace information is […]

  • New program invests in future Memphis leaders

    MEMPHIS, Tenn. — In our special series “Memphis: On a Mission,” local leaders said this city is on the brink. The New Memphis Institute is a new program in the city looking to energize the next generation of leaders by focusing on the possibilities rather than the problems. “When I came back as a 22-year-old, things were different, my perspectives had changed,” Courtney Robertson said. He was raised in Memphis, but says he sees the city in a new light […]

  • Beale Street Blackout: Did officials make the right call?

    MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A first of its kind black out in Memphis Friday night left a lot of people asking questions about what happened, and how public officials handled it. Power went out just after 8:30 Friday night, but police didn’t start evacuating Beale Street until after 10 p.m. This area has had some violent incidents recently, leaving some people wondering why it took police almost two hours to make that call to shut it down. Gale Jones Carter with […]

  • Should police have military-style weapons on the streets of Memphis?

    MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Law enforcement brought out military-style weapons and vehicles in the streets of Ferguson, Mo. Tanks and other machines are making their way to precincts across the country, but some say they don’t belong on the streets of Memphis. However, emergency responders say they need them because the criminals have better weapons than they do. Others say these machines cause the violence to escalate. David Fox, a Vietnam veteran,said, “Ordinary people don’t need to see that.” These machines […]

  • Neighborhood welcomes increased police presence after fatal shooting

    MEMPHIS, Tenn. — There was a very obvious police presence in the Pope Street area just one day after a fatal shooting. Police tell WREG they were there to make sure nothing bad happened Friday. Police dressed in black t-shirts and bulletproof vests pulled over nearly every driver close to the store on Pope Street and searched their cars. They were looking for the person who pulled the trigger on Thursday. Officers pulled Donte Tuggle over just in front of […]

  • Should the Rape Crisis Center have doctors on staff?

    MEMPHIS, Tenn. — County commissioners want to give the Rape Crisis Center more money to help victims, but they can’t agree on how the money should be spent. Commissioner Walter Bailey is calling out the Rape Crisis Center for not having an actual doctor on staff, but the folks at the clinic say they can’t afford one, because they need that money for processing rape kits and preparing for future court cases. Bailey also works as a lawyer. He represents […]

  • Graceland2

    Groundbreaking for new Graceland hotel

    Priscilla Presley told a crowd Elvis Presley had a plan for the property and that dream is coming true

  • County struggling to keep kids in school and off the street

    MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Westwood Elementary used to have one of the worst truancy problems in the county. Now it and ten other schools have a truancy officer on staff. But parents in this neighborhood say it’s not enough, because they see too many kids on the street when they should be in school. Marsha Sullivan says kids are skipping class and causing problems. “They break into people’s homes,” she said. Sullivan lives across the street from Westwood Elementary where her […]

  • County Commission writing new residency rules

    MEMPHIS, Tenn. –The County Commission is considering new rules when it comes to residency. It all starts with where you live, and how you prove it when the question arises. While Henri Brooks only has a few weeks left on the commission, board members say they need to clarify the rules before this happens again. Commissioner Steve Mulroy says it’s time to clear the air. “The law is silent on what residency means, and exactly how that immediate removal thing […]

  • Police offering cash reward in dog-fighting investigation

    MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis police were called to a North Memphis neighborhood for reports of a badly injured dog. While the animal couldn’t be saved, they hope this incident will lead them to a bigger abuse case. Shaun Armour lives just down the road from where the dog was found. He said, “They fight the dogs, then the dogs die or whatever. And they just get rid of them.” This weekend, animal rescuers and police faced a difficult case. They […]


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