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Molly Smith joined the News Channel 3 team in the spring of 2014 after moving from Burlington, VT, where she was a morning news anchor at WCAX-TV.

Molly graduated from Ohio University with a degree in Broadcast Journalism.

Her favorite assignments are those where she gets to meet people and learn about their daily struggles. Molly is slightly social media obsessed so you’ll want to catch her on Facebook and Twitter!

When Molly is not behind at work she loves to ride her bike, try out new restaurants, try to maintain a gluten-free lifestyle and when she can find snow… She likes to snowboard.

Recent Articles
  • “Made in Tennessee” message crafted by Missouri company

    MEMPHIS, Tenn. — An ad campaign called “Made in Tennessee” wasn’t made in Tennessee. “It’s just a little bit ironic,” Kevin Miller, a partner at Specialty Advertising based in Memphis, joked. You may have seen the videos online or on TV. They’re meant to entice tourists to the state, with the Made in Tennessee message. But the company who made this idea come together is actually based in Missouri. Miller has some questions for the state. “The goal of this […]

  • What’s next for 700 immigrant kids brought to Tennessee?

    MEMPHIS, Tenn. — More than 700 kids illegally in America are now in Tennessee reunited with familiar faces. The Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Resource Coalition says most of these kids came to Tennessee to be reunited with parents, aunts and uncles. A majority of them are in East Tennessee. Eben Cathey is the spokesman for TIRRC. He says most of these kids are from places like Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras. The next step is family members, who may or […]

  • What’s causing your cellphone to get so hot?

    MEMPHIS, Tenn. — People were shocked to learn their every day habits with their phones and tablets may be putting them in danger. Deborah Stines says she always has her phone on her. “I sleep with my phone because it’s my life.” She says her phone gets really hot all the time, and she’s developed a unique way of dealing with it. “It gets really hot. I just take off the back and let it cool off. Stick it in […]

  • Neighbors of victim find closure with arrest in hit-and-run case

    MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Hunter Queen is behind bars, trying to make bail. Neighbors of one of his victims say they were shocked to learn the man police say killed her was training to be a law officer. “That’s just real wrong. I feel bad for her friends and family.” Crystal Murry says she feels better today knowing police caught the man they say killed Jessika Cavazos who used to live just across the street in a house on Griffon Drive […]

  • Mom in hiding, collecting bail money before she turns herself in

    MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Friends of Jamillah Washington say she went from being a woman battling addiction to a mother wanted by police. They say she’s scared, but she wants to do the right thing. Women’s advocates are coming to her aid. “From what we are learning, she definitely wants to cooperate, but she’s afraid she won’t post bail and she won’t be able to see her child.” Cherisse Scott spent part of Thursday trying to find a defense attorney. But […]

  • Taking a closer look at the PILOT program revenues

    MEMPHIS, Tenn. — When you log on the EDGE website, you see a lot of numbers. $1 billion in investments $500 million in tax revenues. It looks great, but now watchdogs are saying those numbers don’t show up in the city and county revenues. “$568 million in new tax revenue? Show me the beef!” Joe Saino is a local government watchdog. He says there’s plenty of blame for Memphis’ current pension problem, which ultimately caused the city to cut employee […]

  • Rescue from Whitten Road

    Worker rescued from collapsed trench

    Whitten has been closed from Mullins Station to Macon Road

  • Memphis chamber fires back after PILOT program attacked

    MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Believe it or not, Memphis often makes it on the short list when companies are looking to set up shop. The Chamber of Commerce will tell you that’s because of the city’s tax incentive package. Dexter Muller said, “All of these cities start to look the same. They are making the decision on where they are going to go, and the pilot is usually the determining factor.” The chamber just released a video and hopes it spreads […]

  • Will DMV’s money-saving measures lead to more identity theft?

    MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Shelby County woman is calling out the government. She says they haven’t done a good enough job training election officials about a new form of identification, and it almost kept her from voting. Kathleen Butler said, “I’ve used it at the grocery store, at the bank to get a new account set up.” She is talking about her new Tennessee license. Butler just moved back home, and when she went to get her license changed, they […]

  • SCLC endorses sales tax to help City of Memphis employees

    They support a half-cent sales tax to help pay for a jump in healthcare costs of for city employees

  • Blue CRUSH raids 10 North Memphis homes and businesses

    The blue stamps make it clear, police took this property over

  • Neighborhood says basketball court leads to violence in Westwood

    People get in fights on the court and it gets violent