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    911 Call Routed to the Wrong State

    (Franklin, TN) A 911 call for help in Texas was accidentally sent to dispatchers in Franklin, Tennessee. The call came from a suburb of Houston. 911 operators tried to find the address but couldn’t. They also had to deal with a language barrier with the caller who was having breathing problems. They finally located the city in Texas and called for help. The operator stayed on the line with the caller for nearly 30 minutes and waited for an ambulance […]


    Fat Fuels Power Plant

    (London, England)  A British utility company wants to turn the fat used to cook fish and chips into power. All that fat gets flushed down the sewer causing the London system to back up thousands of times every year. 10-thousand restaurants will take part in the program. Fat traps will collect oil and grease and that will be used to fuel a power station. The fat collected would be able to fuel 40-thousand homes and a sewer treatment center. The […]

  • Bulldozer_rampage_620x350

    Bulldozer Rampage

    (Port Angeles, WA) Police say a man went on a bulldozer rampage in a community just outside Seattle. Vehicles, boats and homes were damaged and a power pole was knocked down. The incident knocked out power to hundreds of customers. People who live in the community say it looks like a tornado came through town. Police say it all stems from a dispute between neighbors. The suspect was arrested and no one was injured.  

  • american-alligator_444_600x450

    Alligator Catches Suspect

    (St. Petersburg, FL)  Deputies say an alligator helped them catch a suspect fleeing from the law. 20-year-old Bryan Zuniga was pulled over for weaving on the road in St. Petersburg. He ran from deputies and tried to hide in a creek. That’s when a gator attacked him. Six hours later he showed up at a hospital with bite marks on his face and arm. Deputies were called and he was arrested. Investigators don’t know how big the alligator is or […]

  • computer keyboard

    School System Starts New Website

    Memphis City and Shelby County schools launched a new website to help parents, employees and the community stay on top of school issues. The FACTS FIRST website keeps up with decisions about the unified school district and the upcoming school year. The website will be up through the summer and updated as new information is decided. Work is underway for a new unified district website.    

  • 0512A_chesimard2_15p

    A Wanted Woman

    (Newark, NJ) The FBI has placed a woman on the most wanted terrorists list for the first time. Joanne Chesimard was convicted in the 1970’s for the murder of a New Jersey state trooper. Officials say she escaped from prison and fled to Cuba. The FBI says a trooper pulled her over for a faulty tail light in 1973. He was shot and killed execution-style. Chesimard’s trial was delayed for four years because she was pregnant. She was convicted in […]


    Wishes Come True

    (Washington, DC) Big wishes are coming true for a seven-year-old Nebraska boy fighting pediatric brain cancer. Jack Hoffman was adopted by the Cornhuskers football team back home. He played ball with them and ran a 69-yard touchdown. Now Jack has had a second wish come true. He met with President Obama in the Oval Office on Monday. The President gave Jack an autographed football. Jack is also being honored with a special rookie edition baseball card. He’s now on a […]

  • Landing Gear Sept. 11

    Plane Part Found from 9/11 Attacks

    (New York City) Police in New York City say a piece of landing gear found wedged between two buildings is most likely from the terror attacks on the World Trade Center in 2001. The part was found in lower Manhattan by building inspectors on Wednesday. The part has a Boeing identification number. The area has been secured as a crime scene. Crews are documenting the evidence and the medical examiner is searching the soil for possible human remains. Two planes […]

  • DeKay's%20Brown

    Snakes Invade Courthouse

    (Hinds County, MS)  Wet weather and warm temperatures are bringing some unusual spectators to a Mississippi courthouse. Snakes have been found in the Hinds County Courthouse this week. A former zookeeper says they’re not venomous. He identified them as Brown Dekay’s Snakes, also known as earth snakes. They have soft teeth than can rarely bite through skin. Workers don’t care, they just want the snakes to stay out.

  • USA_100_Dollar_Bill_Series2009_Obverse

    Money Makeover

    (Washington, DC) The 100 dollar bill is getting a makeover. The government says the new high-tech bill will have features that are difficult for counterfeiters to duplicate. There’s a 3-D security ribbon on the front that moves when the bill is tilted. Several items on the front will change color when tilted. The new 100 dollar bill will be in circulation in October.  

  • 275px-Richie_Havens_1972_Hamburg

    Woodstock Folk Singer Dies

    (Jersey City, NJ) Folk singer Richie Havens died at his home in New Jersey Monday. Havens was the opening act for the Woodstock Music Festival in 1969. The appearance put him in the limelight and started a 40-year music career. In 1970, Havens recorded a soulful version of the Beatles song “Here Comes the Sun.” He returned to Woodstock for the 40th anniversary in 2009. Havens retired from music three years ago. He died from a heart attack at age […]

  • ?????????????????????

    Couple Finds Box of Explosives

    (Lewis County, WA)  A couple out for a walk in Washington State made an explosive discovery. They found a box half buried in the dirt and dug it up. The box was filled with wrapped bricks. Instead of calling the police they packed the bricks in their pockets and went to show a friend. That’s when they found out they were carrying explosives, dynamite and rocket ammunition. The bomb squad was called out and collected the evidence. The devices were […]


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