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  • PIG

    Big Pig In The City

    A potbellied pig had his day in court in Little Rock, and this little piggy won.

  • ht_elizabeth_taylor_wedding_gown_ss_ml_130528_ssv

    Wedding Dress Sells For $188,000

    Elizabeth Taylor was 18 when she wore the cream colored dress with encrusted pearls.

  • 0611-arrested-396-times_full_600

    Woman Arrested 396 Times

    Since 1978, she has been arrested 396 times under 83 different aliases.

  • KNXV_Jessie_Thornton_303x240

    Sober Man Charged With DUI

    (Surprise,AZ) An Arizona man says he was arrested for driving drunk, but he never had a sip of alcohol. Jessie Thornton says he took a breathalyzer test and it came up all zeroes. The 64-year-old says the patrol officer told him he looked drunk and took him to the jail. Thornton says he had been swimming and his eyes may have been bloodshot from the chlorine in the pool. The charges were dropped, but Thornton says he’s suing for damages. […]


    Elvis Piano For Sale

    Priscilla Presley gave Elvis the piano on their first wedding anniversary.

  • Eames-Molded-Plywood-Lounge-Chair-Designed-by-Charles-and-Ray-Eames-for-Herman-Miller-550x409

    $5 Chair Worth a Fortune

    Turns out it is a Herman Miller original chair made in 1946, and it's worth a lot more than $5.

  • 1370461011000-AP-Powerball-Winner-Florida-1306051603_4_3_rx404_c534x401

    84-Year-Old Woman Claims Big Powerball Jackpot

    Lottery officials say she purchased five quick pick tickets at a grocery store.

  • disneyland-address

    Disneyland Explosion

    (Anaheim, CA)  A small explosion forced police to evacuate a section of Disneyland in Anaheim, California Tuesday night. Officials say someone placed a plastic bottle filled with dry ice in a trash can and the device exploded. The incident happened in the Toontown section of the park. Toontown was evacuated while the bomb squad checked for any other devices. Police say no one was injured. The incident did not impact any other sections of Disneyland.

  • JEFF

    Driving for Help

    (Clarksville, TN)  A city councilman in Clarksville, Tennessee woke up with chest pains and drove himself to the hospital while having a heart attack. Jeff Burkhart didn’t even wake his wife or children. Burkhart arrived at the emergency room in cardiac arrest and had to have a stent procedure. Doctors say he probably saved his life by driving himself. Burkhart should be released from the hospital this Wednesday.

  • 7920_phone

    911 Call Routed to the Wrong State

    (Franklin, TN) A 911 call for help in Texas was accidentally sent to dispatchers in Franklin, Tennessee. The call came from a suburb of Houston. 911 operators tried to find the address but couldn’t. They also had to deal with a language barrier with the caller who was having breathing problems. They finally located the city in Texas and called for help. The operator stayed on the line with the caller for nearly 30 minutes and waited for an ambulance […]


    Fat Fuels Power Plant

    (London, England)  A British utility company wants to turn the fat used to cook fish and chips into power. All that fat gets flushed down the sewer causing the London system to back up thousands of times every year. 10-thousand restaurants will take part in the program. Fat traps will collect oil and grease and that will be used to fuel a power station. The fat collected would be able to fuel 40-thousand homes and a sewer treatment center. The […]

  • Bulldozer_rampage_620x350

    Bulldozer Rampage

    (Port Angeles, WA) Police say a man went on a bulldozer rampage in a community just outside Seattle. Vehicles, boats and homes were damaged and a power pole was knocked down. The incident knocked out power to hundreds of customers. People who live in the community say it looks like a tornado came through town. Police say it all stems from a dispute between neighbors. The suspect was arrested and no one was injured.