GUILTY ON ALL COUNTS: The Holly Bobo Murder Trial

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  • Miami Heat Player Robbed

    (Miami, FL) Miami Heat guard Roger Mason, Jr. was robbed at gunpoint while having dinner at a South Florida restaurant. Mason and his sister were eating when several armed robbers stormed the restaurant Sunday night. The robbers took Mason’s diamond-studded Rolex watch, his sister’s purse and $800 from the cash register. No one was injured. Two of the suspects were arrested the following day and Mason’s watch was recovered. Mason is the third Miami Heat player to be the victim […]

  • Time Running Out For Powerball Winner

    (Tallahassee, FL) Here’s a deadline you don’t want to miss. Tomorrow is the last day for a $16 million Powerball winner in Florida to claim their prize. The winning ticket was purchased in Tampa in May. If no one claims the prize before the end of the business day, the lottery keeps the money. 80% would go to the education trust fund, the other 20% goes to the Florida Lottery prize pool to fund new games and promotions.    

  • Small Dogs Being Stolen In Arkansas

    (Izard County, AR) People living in northeast Arkansas are being told to keep a close eye on their pets. Someone has been stealing small breed dogs around homes in Izard County. The latest incident happened on Thursday. Investigators believe the dogs are being sold to research laboratories. No arrests have been made.  

  • Florida Man Wins Lottery Twice

    (Orlando, FL) A Florida man is rolling in the dough after hitting the lottery twice. The 67-year-old Orlando man won $10 million in the Florida Lotto game last year. Now he’s come forward to claim another jackpot in the same game. James Bozeman, Jr. won $3 million in the August 31st drawing. He purchased both tickets at the same store but used his own numbers, He says he changed his lucky combination of numbers after hitting the first lottery prize. […]

  • Arkansas Man Wins The Lottery

    (Little Rock, AR) An Arkansas man says he’s a millionaire thanks to his granddaughter. Donald Duke says he was in a convenience store when his granddaughter told him he needed to buy a Millionaire Madness scratch-off ticket. Duke says he had no plans to buy a lottery ticket, but his granddaughter insisted. Duke scratched off the bar code on the $20 dollar ticket and checked it with a lottery validating machine. The machine said he needed to get his prize […]

  • Farmer Grows Pink Pumpkins

    (Chino Valley, AZ) An Arizona farmer is growing pink pumpkins for Halloween. The farmer used cross-pollination to come up with the color but didn’t realize they would be so pink. Now he’s turning his mistake into a good deed. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. The farmer will sell the pink pumpkins and donate all the money to a Breast Cancer charity. He hopes to raise at least $25,000.    

  • The Muppets Take D.C.

    (Washington, D.C.) The iconic Muppets are going to Washington, D.C. The Smithsonian Museum says Miss Piggy, Cookie Monster and 18 other Muppets made famous by Jim Henson will be on display starting in March of 2014. Kermit the Frog and a couple of other Muppets are already on display. The collection was donated to the Smithsonian by Jim Henson’s family.

  • World’s Tallest Ferris Wheel

    (Las Vegas, NV) The finishing touches are underway on the world’s tallest Ferris wheel in Las Vegas. The High Roller Ferris Wheel is part of a major expansion project for Caesers Entertainment. The Ferris wheel will be 55 stories tall. The wheel is being built between the Flamingo and Harrah’s Casino on the Vegas Strip. The ride has 28 enclosed cabins that can each carry up to 40 passengers. One revolution will take about 30 minutes to complete. The Ferris […]

  • Betty White Sets TV Record

    (Hollywood, CA) Betty White has set a world record. The 91-year-old actress is now in the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest television career by a female entertainer. White made in her debut in 1939, before television sets were even popular. Since then she has starred in hit series like “The Mary Tyler Moore Show,” “The Golden Girls” and is currently on the show “Hot in Cleveland.” Her career spans 74 years.  

  • Teen Owns Multi-Million Dollar Company

    (Ozark, MO) A Missouri high school student who started his own company two years ago is now a millionaire. 15-year-old Jaylen Bledsoe owns Bledsoe Technologies. It’s a company that helps small businesses use new technology. Bledsoe started the company when he was 13. After two years, the business has grown from two employees to 150 and the company is now valued at $3.5 million. Bledsoe says his mentor is Scott C. Schnuck, the man who found the Schnucks grocery store […]

  • Driver Fought Police Officer

    The scene played out on the busy Bill Morris Parkway, between the Kirby and Riverdale exits.