Stephanie Scurlock

Weekend Evening Anchor/Reporter

Stephanie Scurlock is an Anchor/Reporter for WREG-TV.

She anchors the weekend news at 5pm, 6pm and 10pm.

Stephanie joined WREG-TV in July 1991 as a reporter.

She counts among her blessings the opportunities she’s had to use her profession to help those in need.

She has covered stories all over the Mid-South. Her reporting duties have even taken her as far as the continent of Africa.

Stephanie traveled with the Tennessee Air National Guard to Dakar, Senegal to report on a humanitarian mission.

The plane piloted by an all-African American crew took computers, clothes, school supplies and other necessities to children who lived in the country.

Upon her return, Stephanie also assisted in helping a man bring his sick wife and children from Senegal to Memphis so she could receive medical treatment.

Stephanie is the only Memphis reporter to cover the case of the West Memphis 3 from the time of their arrests and convictions in 1994 until their release 18 years later.

Stephanie is originally from Dermott, Arkansas, a small Southeast Arkansas town.

She attended the University of Central Arkansas at Conway where she obtained a degree in Broadcast Journalism.

She worked for KTAL-TV in Texarkana, TX before joining News Channel 3.

Stephanie’s work has been recognized by the TN Associated Press.

The organization awarded her Best Enterprise for her exclusive story following the plight of a man fighting off a drug addiction.

Stephanie is an adjunct professor at the University of Memphis in the Department of Journalism.

Stephanie serves as a board member for RISE, a charitable organization that helps Memphians achieve financial self-sufficiency. She is also Honorary Chair of 2013 NAACP Membership Campaign.

She's a member of the National Association of Black Journalists, The Links, Incorporated, Memphis Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. and Mississippi Boulevard Christian Church.

Stephanie is married and has one son.

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