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  • Sheriff Responds to Political Email Controversy

    Posted on: 9:56 pm, November 2, 2013, by

    Department employee sent out campaign announcement using sheriff's official email account.
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  • Penn State Reaches Settlement With Sandusky Victims

    Posted on: 2:33 pm, October 28, 2013, by

    Penn State will pay the victims about $60 million, although it's unclear how much each person will receive.
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  • Thousands “Race for the Cure” in Collierville

    Posted on: 10:55 pm, October 26, 2013, by and , updated on: 10:57pm, October 26, 2013

    Thousands raise money in the fight against breast cancer.
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  • Man Saves Beer From Burning House

    Posted on: 9:36 pm, October 26, 2013, by , updated on: 10:37pm, October 26, 2013

    Homeowner went back inside burning home to rescue a few cold ones.
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    Flames Fire
  • Memphis Couple OK After Plane Crash

    Posted on: 9:56 pm, October 25, 2013, by , updated on: 10:17pm, October 25, 2013

    The plane even knocked out power to some homes when it landed in a park near Amarillo.
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  • Father Facing Abuse Charges After Paddling Son

    Posted on: 9:59 pm, October 20, 2013, by , updated on: 11:32pm, October 20, 2013

    School employee spotted child with busted lip and blood on his clothing.
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  • Woman’s Body Found Inside Southeast Shelby County Home

    Posted on: 7:21 pm, October 20, 2013, by and , updated on: 10:46pm, October 20, 2013

    The cause of death has not been determined.
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  • Man Accused of Throwing Baby Across Room

    Posted on: 9:34 pm, October 19, 2013, by

    Torianio Richardson is charged with Child Abuse and Domestic Assault
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  • Thieves Steal More Than $500,000 In Items From UPS Trailers

    Posted on: 10:23 pm, October 6, 2013, by

    Crooks got away with electronics and clothing.
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  • Victim Identifed in Deadly Shooting At Apartment Complex

    Posted on: 7:57 pm, October 4, 2013, by and , updated on: 12:42pm, October 6, 2013

    He was taken to the MED where he later died.
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  • Singer to Miley Cyrus: Put Some Clothes On!

    Posted on: 9:06 pm, October 3, 2013, by

    90's singer has some choice words for the former Disney star.
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  • Stolen Ambulance Found in North MS

    Posted on: 4:30 pm, September 28, 2013, by

    Accused ambulance thief is in custody.
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