Zaneta Lowe

Chief Consumer Investigator

From coverage of severe weather to saving money, Zaneta's done it!

A native of Birmingham, Alabama, Zaneta has more than 15 years in experience in the business. She got her first taste of life in the newsroom as a high school intern at the CBS affiliate in her hometown.

Before joining the WREG Investigative Team, Zaneta worked for five years as an Anchor/Consumer Reporter at WTVM in Columbus, GA. Throughout that time, Zaneta anchored the morning show, started a consumer blog and covered stories that saved viewers from rip offs, and even put scammers behind bars.

Zaneta previously worked as a General Assignment Reporter at WVTM in Birmingham and as an Anchor/Reporter at WJRD (now WVUA) in Tuscaloosa where she earned two, Associated Press Awards for Best Spot News Coverage and Best Documentary.

Earlier in her career, Zaneta was also an Anchor/Reporter at WUAL-Alabama Public Radio.

In each city Zaneta has lived in, she's spent time outside the walls of the tv station, understanding that true commitment comes from outreach in the community.

She's worked with literacy groups, arts foundations and Cooperative Extension to name a few.

Zaneta is a member of Investigative Reporters and Editors.

Although an Alabama native, Zaneta says she's excited about getting to know the folks in the Mid South, learning about the history and especially tasting all the good food!

Zaneta and her husband Woodrow, Jr. have three boys. In her spare time, she goes to their baseball and football games and takes family pictures.

Zaneta also enjoys reading, scrapbooking and is an avid couponer.

Her kids say it's a hobby, she says it's saving, and that's a way of life.

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