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  • campus day school 2

    Campus Day School cheers on Go Jim Go

    The children of Campus Day School participated in Coins for Kids, bringing in pennies, nickles, dimes, quarters and dollars to help raise money for Go Jim Go and Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital. They cheered Jim Jaggers on Wednesday afternoon as they presented Jim with a check for over $1,000!

  • Idlewild 2

    Idlewild Elementary is all heart for Go Jim Go`

    Students at Idlewild Elementary sold $1 hearts to raise money for the children of Le Bonheur. Hearts covered the walls of the halls and outside classrooms as the school raised $2,220 for Go Jim Go!

  • Overton High School raises $1,500 for Go Jim Go

    A healthy class competition helped the students of Overton High raise money to support the children of Le Bonheur. They presented Go Jim Go with a check for $1,500!

  • Ripley Primary1

    Ripley Primary School raised some cool cash for Go Jim Go

    As the coolers came by each classroom, students donated their coins to Go Jim Go and raised some COOL CASH for the children of Le Bonheur along the way! The students of Ripley Primary were able to present Go Jim Go with a check of over $1,000. That’ s really cool!  

  • Evans Elem 1

    Evans Elementary deliver over $600 to Go Jim Go!

    The Evans Elementary Eagles presented Mr. Jaggers a $602 check in support of Go Jim Go and the children of Le Bonheur. As the sign says: “G” is for Go Jim Go! Thank you so much Eagles!

  • Ridgeway Middle 3

    Ridgeway Middle School kicks off their Go Jim Go campaign

    Ridgeway Middle School kicks off their fund raising efforts with a visit from the Go Jim Go crew Wednesday afternoon. They plan to support the hospital by collecting donations and getting the whole school involved in fund raising efforts! Good luck and Go Ridgeway Go!

  • Riverdale elem4

    Hats off to Riverdale Elementary for raising money for Go Jim Go

    Riverdale Elementary Beta Club presented Go Jim Go with a nice donation Wednesday. Students took donations and did a fund raiser to allow students to have a HAT DAY at school. Thanks to their hard work, they raised $3,000 for Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital!

  • Farmington Elementary gets dressed for success for Go Jim Go

    The Farmington Elementary K-Club presented Jim and the Go Jim Go crew a nice donation of $1,200 for Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital Wednesday morning. Students paid $1 for the chance to have a free dress day at school. And, they could pay another $1 so their teachers could have a free dress day too!

  • Collierville Elementary raises over $1500 for Go Jim Go

    Collierville Elementary School was the first school stop Wednesday morning,  the final day of Go Jim Go 2014. Students, faculty and staff worked together, even using stuffed animals as incentives to raise money for Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital. The Little Dragons of Collierville Elem. raised over $1,500!  

  • Schilling Farms Y6

    Schilling Farms YMCA welcomes Go Jim Go

    A faithful sponsor of Go Jim Go, the YMCA staff and crew at the Schilling Farms Y in Collierville welcome Go Jim Go on the final day of the ride Wednesday. The weather is perfect and looking forward to a great ride!

  • Go Jim Go kicks off in Collierville with a big donation from Landers Ford

    Landers Ford always starts the morning of our last day of Go Jim Go off right with a hearty breakfast for the staff and crew. Wednesday morning was no exception, and to top it off, Landers Ford in Collierville added an extra $4000 donation for the children of Le Bonheur!

  • Cotton, Inc.

    JobNet – USDA Seasonal HVI Operators Wanted

    MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Applications will be accepted for seasonal HVI Operators on September 17th and 18th from 9:00 am to 11:00 am and 12:00 pm to 3:30 pm in the Memphis Classing Office, 3275 Appling Rd. Room 6, Memphis, TN  38133. You can call (901) 384-3025 for more information. Here are some details: Work experience is helpful, but is not necessary. USDA will train those selected. Openings are for all three shifts. Criminal background checks are performed on all applicants. […]


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