Daniel Hight


Daniel Hight joined WREG-TV in June of 2011 as a Multimedia Journalist. He came to News Channel 3 from WMC-TV in Memphis.

Daniel began his love of TV news at the University of Memphis, where he graduated in 2005 with a degree in Broadcast Communications. He started his career in the skies of Memphis, gathering aerial photographs from a helicopter of breaking news. Just two years later, he landed his dream job as a video journalist. Daniel is different from other reporters, in that the stories he reports, he also shoots. Daniel considers himself a people-person. He says his favorite part of the job is getting to meet people from all walks of life.

When Daniel is not gathering news, you'll find him hanging with his friends around town and at Grizzlies and Tigers games. He enjoys working out, snowboarding in the winter and wakeboarding in the summer.

Feel free to contact to Daniel. He would love to hear from you.

Recent Articles

  • Westin Reservations Cancelled To Make Room For NBA Players

    Posted on: 4:26 pm, May 22, 2013, by , updated on: 05:52pm, May 22, 2013

    Those with reservations bumped to make room for NBA players
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  • Mid-Southerner With Ties to Moore, OK Gathering Donations

    Posted on: 6:25 pm, May 21, 2013, by

    With Food, Water, and Clothing pouring into the devastated area, one woman is collecting toys for the children
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  • Hostage Victim Shares Story in Deadly Police Shooting

    Posted on: 6:42 pm, May 20, 2013, by

    As Arkansas State Police continues its investigation, the hostage victim is sharing what she witnessed.
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  • Arkansas State Treasurer Accused of Extortion

    Posted on: 6:41 pm, May 20, 2013, by

    Martha Shoffner handles the states $3.3 Billion worth of stocks and bonds.
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  • Four Shot, Two Killed in South Memphis Shooting

    Posted on: 10:54 pm, May 19, 2013, by , updated on: 10:55pm, May 19, 2013

    Police say its unclear what lead to a shooting that killed two people and injured two others.
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  • Blytheville Man Killed by Officer During Hostage Standoff

    Posted on: 10:22 pm, May 18, 2013, by , updated on: 10:24pm, May 18, 2013

    Family members say the officer overreacted when 30-year-old Terrence Dawson threatened his girlfriend with a knife.
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  • City of Memphis Ready if Grizzlies Make it to the NBA Finals

    Posted on: 6:18 pm, May 14, 2013, by

    Memphis is a town for tourists and could handle the onslaught of fanfare
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  • Nearly 9,000 in Danger of Losing Driver’s License

    Posted on: 5:42 pm, May 14, 2013, by

    General Sessions Court has compiled a list of people who have failed to pay their court costs and fines
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    Shelby County Seal
  • Fans Believe Grizzlies Snubbed by National Media

    Posted on: 6:33 pm, May 13, 2013, by

    Grizzlies fans say national media fails to give Memphis the credit it deserves
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  • City Coming Together Behind the Grizzlies

    Posted on: 5:44 pm, May 13, 2013, by

    People around town are laying down their differences to cheer on the Grizzlies during the playoffs.
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    Memphis Grizzlies
  • Man Killed in Family Dispute

    Posted on: 10:21 pm, May 12, 2013, by

    Memphis Police say they know who the shooter is, but he is still on the run.
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  • Grizz Fever Grows With Each Playoff Win

    Posted on: 10:28 pm, May 11, 2013, by

    More and more people are becoming sold-out fans as the Grizzlies continue to inspire an entire city.
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