Wayne Carter


Wayne Carter visited Memphis for the first time in the summer of 2011, fell in love with the MidSouth, and quickly joined the staff at News Channel 3.

Wayne came to the station from WWL-TV, in his hometown of New Orleans. He's anchored and reported the news there and at various stations across the country for more than 15 years. He spent the most time at WVEC-TV in Norfolk, VA where he anchored the weekend news, and served as the station's investigative reporter.

Wayne reported from ground zero in the days after the September 11th attacks, interviewed sitting President Bill Clinton, and reported for weeks from the streets of his hometown during Hurricane Katrina. He has a keen interest in aviation stories, and has covered transportation, police, and education stories extensively.

Wayne studied journalism at Syracuse University's Newhouse School, is a member of the National Association of Black Journalists, and the Radio Television Digital News Association. Wayne's also been voted best male TV personality in two of the cities where he has worked.

He's active with the SPCA, and the American Cancer Society, but says most of his time is spent chasing his two year old daughter, Priscilla Marie. It's actually a family name, but who knows, maybe she'll become a big Elvis fan.

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    All Germantown High students will be welcomed at Houston, and all current Houston High students can stay, whether they live in Collierville or Cordova.
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    A student swiped her phone and sent the pictures out. Every parent and student we spoke to stood by the teacher, saying she was a victim.
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  • State Lawmaker Considering Tougher Penalties For Cemetery Owners

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    “That is the ultimate disrespect that you don't allow someone to rest in peace,” State Representative Raumesh Akbari said.
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  • Caskets Crushed To Make Room At Overcrowded Cemetery

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    If you're worried about your loved one who is buried at Galilee Memorial Gardens, call 1-615-741-5062.
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    Jemar Lambert, 38, is charged with theft of property over $1,000 and abuse of a corpse
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  • Woman Charged With Theft For Late Sewerage Bill

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    Her bill of $23 was 30 days late.
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