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Katie Rufener joined WREG News Channel 3 in February of 2014 as a general assignment reporter.

She came to Memphis from Wilmington, NC where she had worked as a reporter and fill-in anchor.

Katie also worked at WNDU-TV.

Katie comes from a military family and grew up all over the United States and Europe. She now considers central Illinois home.

Katie attended Eastern Illinois University. She majored in Communications, with focusses in Broadcast Communications and Electronic Media Production.

She interned for WCIA in Champaign, Illinois while in college and also worked for her college television station, WEIU.

She served as a producer, reporter and anchor while at WEIU. She and her coworkers won two regional EMMY awards during her time there. Katie has also been given awards for her reporting both in Illinois and Indiana, receiving first place in the Breaking News category from the Associated Press in 2011.

When she's not at work, she loves spending time on the beach, traveling, shopping and spending time with friends. Katie is excited to be a member of the WREG family, is looking forward to learning more about the area and meeting new people.

Recent Articles
  • 31 jobs in limbo as county discusses outsourcing the prison’s food service

    MEMPHIS, Tenn. — More than two dozen jobs are in limbo as Shelby County considers outsourcing the prison’s food service. Commissioners will decide whether to extend a contract with Aramark Food Services, which already serves the jail. WREG talked to worried employees who have no idea if they will get to keep their jobs. The food service contract could impact 31 jobs inside the correctional facility. Friday, some of those employees came to meet with Shelby County Commissioners to talk […]

  • Around the world in just one day

    NORTH MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Students took a trip all around the globe Friday, and they did it without even stepping foot outside of Memphis. The Neighborhood Christian Center hosted it’s 10th annual Spring Jam event for kids… Simulating a spring break vacation to nine different countries. From Egypt to Brazil, Japan to France, Memphis students traveled the world. “I learned a lot about Egypt… things that I didn’t know about Egypt, and also, I didn’t know anything about Brazil,” high […]

  • Shoot, Don’t shoot… How law enforcement decides

    When do they pull their gun and use deadly force? When is it justified?

  • Pothole questions remain unanswered

    MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Potholes seem to be everywhere right now, and as crews work to fill them, drivers still wind up hitting them. The city has set up a $20,000 emergency relief fund to help reimburse people for damage, but some say that is not nearly enough. One mechanic said the city should just go ahead and write the check directly to his shop, because the 20 vehicles they worked on just this week with pothole damage is about all […]

  • Emergency relief fund created to pay for pothole damage claims

    MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Frustrated drivers are starting to wonder if Memphis is pouring hot air instead of asphalt when it comes to potholes like these across the city. Wednesday, WREG learned the city created a $20,000 emergency fund to help drivers of damaged cars. Auto body shops are seeing everything from something as minor as a flat tire all the way to frame damage, which can cost you thousands of dollars. After potholes had forced police to shut down some […]

  • Students angry over leaky roof at Kingsbury High School

    MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Some students at Kingsbury High School say a leaking roof is so bad, it is causing hallways and classrooms to stink. WREG came to Kingsbury High School to investigate after a student emailed us pictures inside their classroom, claiming the ceiling is leaking, and the smell of mold is so bad, students have to cover their noses with their sleeves. The principal tells us there is no mold problem, but admits the school is old and needs […]

  • Memphis plans citywide cleanup event

    MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The city will host the annual Faith in Action citywide cleanup next month. This year the city hopes to have 15,000 people come out for the citywide cleanup event. But some say, until people start taking some responsibility and pride in their neighborhoods, nothing is going to change. Faith in Action is a faith-based initiative between city officials, churches, and community members to pick up trash and beautify Memphis. Mayor A C Wharton said this event will […]

  • City using new approach to get potholes filled

    MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The city is now using a new approach to battle potholes, one that lets them keep working even during wet weather. Instead of waiting for the weather to clear, crews are getting ahead of the game by bringing out these trucks that actually suck the water out of the potholes, so they can go ahead and fill them now. Mayor A C Wharton made light of the city’s pothole problems this morning. “Hopefully you dodged all the […]

  • Pothole repairs underway as city thaws out

    The city asks the people report potholes when they see them. You can also file a claim with the city if your vehicle is damaged by a pothole.

  • Man charged with having a gun on U of M campus

    He's also accused of assaulting a university police officer.

  • TBI now investigating Youth Villages

    The TBI said after officers arrested a counselor earlier this week, the bureau received several calls about abuse and problems at Youth Villages.

  • Dress color debate used for domestic violence awareness ad

    Thanks to the Salvation Army, many are seeing the dress in a whole new light.


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