Trumann Police: Missing 16-year-old spotted heading southbound on I-55

TRUMANN, Ark. — An Arkansas teenager is missing and authorities say she may be in danger.

In a recent Facebook post, Trumann police posted information about 16-year-old Arissa Farmer, who reportedly ran away late Saturday evening.

She hasn't been seen or heard from since, authorities said.

The 16-year-old girl reportedly ran away, but police say they have reasons to believe she's in danger.

"We saw where the window was open partly, and so we are assuming she crawled out the window," Alissa Farmer's parents said.

Tia and Tracy Farmer are living every parent's nightmare.

Their daughter has been missing since late Saturday evening and could be with someone she met on the internet.

"We don't know who it is. They found some chats, sexually explicit chats. And that's all we really know," the victim's dad, Tracy Farmer, said.

There was a brief glimmer of hope Sunday morning when the teen was spotted at a Welcome Center on I-55 near Blytheville.

She was briefly seen on a security camera getting into the passenger side of a silver Dodge Stratus with a black male and the pair traveled southbound on I-55.

The witness said Farmer appeared to be drugged or under the influence.

"I have not seen the video footage, but the police tell me she looked to be drugged. She didn't look like she was herself," he said.

The Farmer's are hoping their daughter will come home safe, saying she's never done this before.

"Not knowing where she's at, not knowing if she's safe, not knowing if she's been fed, or if she's laying in a ditch somewhere," the father said.

Truman Police are working to get information off her laptop.

The teenager's laptop was given to her by the high school she attends, and no one has her password.

"The laptop has been taken to Jonesboro so forensics can try to pull information off of it to see if we can find any other evidence of her possible location," Johnathan Redman, Assistant Chief with the Truman Police Department, said.

The Farmer's are shocked they didn't know what their daughter was really doing online.

"My daughter lived a double-life. She showed us what she wanted us to see. And what she didn't want us to see, she hid,"

CBS affiliate WAFB learned police now believe she may possibly be with an individual who "does not have her best interest at heart." Content on her computer suggests the person could be "grooming her for sexual things."

If you see her, please call the Trumann Police Department at (870) 483-6423.