Pastor finds racial slurs painted on his car parked at Collierville High

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COLLIERVILLE, Tenn. -- Collierville Police are investigating at least two apparent race-related hate crimes that happened Sunday night.

Memphis Pastor Jason Mitchell is one of the victims.

Like any other Sunday evening, he met a group at Collierville High School to play basketball.

"I was leaving the parking lot. I was alerted by a gentleman driving behind me of a racial slur on my back window," he told WREG.

Mitchell stopped his car and found hateful and racist words. The white paint was dripping down his back windshield.

He was outraged.

"There are whites and blacks in that gym where we play. We have great fellowship and recreation inside of that building, but the unfortunate reality when we step out of the door, this is what we are faced with," said Mitchell.

He took a picture, wiped it off and left the parking lot for safety reasons.

He immediately called police and the Collierville School District.

"The school principal immediately launched an investigation, and based on security surveillance identified three persons of interest," said Superintendent John Aitken.

School officials said they turned over that surveillance video to police.

Investigators said they also got another report Sunday night of racial slurs scribbled on a car in a neighborhood just two miles away. They believe it's the same vandals.

"It was a clear sign of hate, terrorism and racism, and so of course being the man of faith I am, it's important to take action and not just act on emotion," said Mitchell.

He is asking other to remain alert and speak up when they see this kind of hate.

"This is close to home, but it is happening everywhere. What is happening in Charlottesville, Virginia, is happening in Collierville, Tennessee," he told WREG.

Police have yet to make any arrests but said once they do, the vandals will face criminal charges.