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Caught on Camera: Nevada woman’s purse catches fire during council meeting

BOULDER CITY, Nv. — Sparks flew at the Boulder City council meeting Tuesday night when someone's purse randomly erupted into flames as it was sitting on her lap.

The woman, whose name is still unknown, was sitting directly behind a man speaking at the podium when the explosion stole the show. People started screaming. The purse ended up on the ground, singeing the carpet and eventually leaving burn marks on the sidewalk outside.

Luckily the city's top firefighter, Kevin Nicholson, who routinely attends city council meetings was there. Still, the fire chief said he didn't expect to be putting out fires at a typical meeting.

Nicholson said the woman's cell phone was fine, but a battery in the woman's purse somehow malfunctioned and burst into flames.

He recommended that people should make sure they are following manufacturer's recommendations in storing batteries for devices.

Eventually, people in attendance were able to extinguish the flaming purse and continue the city council meeting. The woman only had minor burns to her leg and did not have to go to the hospital.