Dramatic Mississippi rescue caught on camera

JACKSON, Miss. — Cameras were rolling during a dramatic rescue of a Mississippi driver from rising flood waters.

The unidentified driver struggled to keep his head above water after he became trapped on a Jackson street. It's a site known for flash flooding, WLBT reported.

According to a witness, several drivers were heading down the street when the man became trapped.

"When I saw him in the water I said well 'They're gonna probably make it'. Some more cars were behind him. I think they made a U turn and went back just like I did," one person told the news station.

Video from the rescued showed firefighters used a truck ladder to get to the victim before pulling him from the car and taking him to safety.

He was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment, but his condition was not released.

City crews eventually put up road blocks to prevent other drivers from making the same mistake.