City OKs $1.7M for FedExForum upgrades

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Thousands of people from across the Mid-South pack into FedExForum all year round to support the Grizzlies or enjoy a show, but all the fun comes with upkeep.

On Tuesday, Memphis City Council approved spending $1.7 million toward FedExForum, which has been part of downtown since 2004.

"We give about roughly $2 million to the FedExForum to take care of upgrades and things that need to take place," City Councilman Berlin Boyd said.

Boyd said the building receives its share of wear and tear and talked about upcoming capital improvements.

"The NBA requires certain facilities to stay within the specs of what's trending, so as far as if we need to replace the roof or replace the Jumbotron or scoreboard, those are things that that $2 million will help and will keep our building as modern and competitive as any NBA arena in the country."

"Over the next few years this is just going to be a budget item that we account for, because we're dealing with an aging facility," Councilman Martavius Jones said.

As part of a contract agreement with Shelby County, the commission is also asked to put $1.7 million toward upgrades.