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Sheriff’s Office: Woman’s death being investigated as possible homicide

MILLINGTON, Tenn. -- There are more questions than answers after a woman was found dead in her home Sunday morning.

Investigators tell WREG the medical examiner still hasn’t determined how she died, but they said that her new boyfriend called police saying he found her body and that she may have overdosed.

"Her boyfriend said she took a lot of Aspirin, some other things, but we don’t think that would be the cause of death, so until the medical examiner rules on it, we’re investigating it as a possible homicide," said Earle Farrell, public information officer for the Shelby County Sheriff's Office.

Their relationship was just beginning, according to Farrell, but it was already off to a rocky and violent start.

They had only been together for two weeks, he said.

As WREG uncovered, police responded to two violent incidents at the home within the last few days.

WREG is not releasing the couple’s names until investigators have a chance to tell loved ones, but court records show police were called to the home twice last week.

The first call came Wednesday, after police say the man viciously beat his girlfriend for backing into another car with his car, then punched her sister in the face twice when she tried to step in.

He was arrested on domestic assault charges.

The next day, while he was still in jail, the girlfriend was arrested for smashing his car window, according to an affidavit.

"When it hits this close to home, it’s really scary," said neighbor Joi Watson.

Watson said an investigator searching the block for clues Sunday morning told her the woman had died from a possible overdose and asked her to keep an eye out for bags of drugs or crystallized chemicals that might have been tossed near her house.

"They weren’t sure exactly what it was, possibly drugs or maybe poison," she said. "It is strange. Very strange. Why it would be this far from the crime scene? Doesn’t make sense."

In the meantime, detectives aren’t ruling anything out until they know for sure how the woman died.

“We’re looking at all the different options here," Farrell said. "Nobody’s confessed to anything."

Farrell tells WREG the woman had no visible injuries, other than a bloodshot eye.

For Watson – who’s part of the neighborhood watch group – seeing her street turned into a crime scene has her ready to pack up.

"Being that my parents live here, you know knowing that that type of person – if it is a homicide – that that type of person could be living around the corner from you is very scary," she said.

Farrell said the woman’s boyfriend is being questioned about her death, but he’s not in custody.

He was already set to appear in court next Wednesday on domestic assault charges.