Mississippi police identify severed head, burned body victim

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Jackson Police Department

JACKSON, Miss. — A $20,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest of the suspect(s) who killed a Mississippi man whose body was discovered a mile away from his severed head.

The Clarion-Ledger reported the victim was identified on Monday as 30-year-old Jeremy Jerome Jackson.

Both body parts were discovered separately on Saturday in Jackson.

The headless torso was badly burned.

Hinds County Coroner Sharon Grisham-Stewart said authorities were able to get a positive fingerprint match from one that hadn’t been burned.

She added that the head had no distortion so facial recognition wasn’t a problem.

DNA also may be tested.

Jackson Police Chief Lee Vance said the head was discovered on a home’s porch hours before the body was found in a field about a mile away.

Vance said the FBI and other federal agencies are helping investigate.