Flooding continues to create problems in Arkansas

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- The images out of Arkansas Thursday were nothing short of incredible.

An entire 18-wheeler submerged in water on Highway 37 in Jackson County, Arkansas -- about 90 miles northwest of Memphis.

"When we got to him, he was out of the truck, hankered down to a tree. Just, obviously, was scared."

The Jackson County Sheriff's Office took part in several water rescues Thursday, including the driver of that semi. They said he ignored road closure signs and drove right into high water.

"You just can`t do that. Those signs are put up for a reason. Not a suggestion, that`s what they`re there for."

Meanwhile, further north people in Pocahontas received welcome news that the flood waters have finally begun to recede.

The Black River has dropped at least three feet since Tuesday evening, but it's still well above flood stage. That makes damage assessments difficult.

While it's tamer than the overflowing Black River, the Mississippi is now beginning to rise.

As of Thursday evening, the Mississippi sits at about 29 feet in downtown Memphis.

By early next week it could potentially rise another five feet, at which point it will be at flood stage.

However, Emergency Management officials met Thursday and concluded the Memphis area shouldn't be seeing any major flooding here.

They said they are continuing to monitor the situation closely.