Man crashes SUV into home and bails right in front of homeowner

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A Memphis woman is left picking up the pieces after a man crashed into her home overnight.

"I heard a big loud noise coming from the back of the house, thought it was gunshots," said the homeowner.

When she went to investigate, she found an SUV parked in her living room with the motor still running. The impact pushed her living room set back and tore up the front part of her house.

But even more surprising was the fact the man was still in the car.

"I even knocked on the window to try to get his attention. He gathered his stuff, got it and ran," added the homeowner.

She said in the decades of living on Southwall Street, this was a first.

"Once before I had someone come around the curve real fast and hit the tree, but never the house," said the homeowner.

On Friday, plywood was installed to cover up the hole in her wall.

"It was a blessing I wasn’t in the front room. A blessing my son wasn’t in there sleep on the couch."

Even though it looks bad, she said it could have easily been worse.

"It’s something that can be recouped though, can be repaired. You can’t repair a life,"said Donald Hodges.