Sisters killed in Hickory Hill; Husband of one in custody

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- "Oh, I cannot believe it. I cannot believe it."

Loved ones overcome with grief at the scene of a crime on Shallow Wood Court.

Kendall Brown, 27, and her younger sister Kayla, 19, were found shot to death outside the home Kendall shared with her husband and their five children around 2:15 a.m. Thursday.

The children, between the ages of 2 and 12, were all inside the house at the time.

They were not hurt.

"They know what's going on but we haven't told them more than what they already know."

The victims' father got the news from another daughter.

"Their momma lives on the next over and I just came over here to find out what`s going on because there momma is devastated She don`t know nothing."

Police aren't saying what happened at the home, but said Kendall's husband turned himself in at the Crump precinct afterwards.

Jasper Morten said Kendall's husband pulled a gun on his daughter and wife five years ago, but there had been no trouble since.

"To my knowledge it was out of the blue because I see Kendall and all the children every week."

Moten just wants answers and had this to say about his son-in-law in police custody.

"Right about now if would see him I would probably go to jail. In fact, I know I would go to jail if saw him right about now."