Man shot during attempted armed robbery

MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A Memphis man went to a gas station early Monday morning to buy a soda and it nearly cost him his life.

"I don't have any feeling in my hand right now. My finger, you can tell I can`t feel a thing."

Llyod Lemons can't feel anything after he was shot in the hand, but said he's lucky the bullet didn't him somewhere else.

The victim told WREG he was leaving a gas station at Hickory Hill and Knight Arnold early Monday morning when he was approached by two men in the parking lot. They told him to hand over everything he had.

"I thought he was kind of kidding."

He said when one of the suspects reached for something he took off running. That's when they shot him.

"The first one missed me. I was running full speed and the second blew a hole clean through my hand."

Lemons ran all the way to his home on Wax Myrtle about a mile away.

He said this was the second time someone has tried to rob him. He couldn't believe this time he was shot.

"People, they are doing things over nothing."

Instead of taking, people need to work for what they want, Lemons said. This morning he was only carrying a few bucks.

"You mess with innocent kids, people who work, and doing things for no reason at all and eventually it will come around."

So far, the suspects have not been taken into custody.

Call Crime Stoppers at (901) 528-CASH if you have any information about this shooting.