De-annexation Task Force releases recommendations

MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Several parts of Memphis could one day no longer be a part of the city.

"We have looked at what areas are not very dense and what areas are hard for the city to serve and what areas on a long term basis have asked to be de-annexed," said Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland.

The areas up for consideration include South Cordova, Rocky Point, Southwind/Windyke, Riverbottoms, extreme northern Frayser, Eads and a small portion of Raleigh.

"We've identified seven neighborhoods to potentially de-annex. We had public town hall meetings and one of those areas in Raleigh said we don't wanna be de-annexed."

The Raleigh de-annexation proposal was taken out of the mix. Instead the task force recommended the City Council vote to de-annex northern Frayser, the Riverbottoms and Eads.

As for south Cordova and the other two areas, people who live there would get to vote in a referendum. It's an idea some neighbors like.

"Yes, I think a referendum would give an overall viewpoint on that."

Mayor Strickland said the move to de-annex these areas is the right way to go, adding it will allow the city to provide services more efficiently.

"We think it is a good plan and I'm excited we are taking steps to implement it."