Car plows into home in Millington

MILLINGTON, Tenn. -- Two caved in windshields and a collapsed front door. That's the debris left behind after a car smashed into the front of a home Friday.

"When it hit the house the dust flew up in the air and the wind carried it and I could tell it was a serious problem."

The dust may have settled but the damage didn`t go anywhere.

Firefighters said an elderly man, who may have been having a medical emergency, came around the curve, lost control and crashed into the home.

"All I could see was smoke. I thought it was an explosion because the noise was so loud."

Neighbors said the loud boom that echoed through their neighborhood pulled them into a panic. They immediately began to worry for the family who lives in the home.

"They have a 3-year-old too so my first thought was is their baby okay."

Thankfully no one was home when the the car came crashing through.

Neighbors said they are praying the person who was trapped inside of the car.