Drivers worry about traffic mess as I-55 shuts down for the weekend

MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- "There`s gonna be a whole lot of beeping, honking and stuff that can cause a lot of headache."

Residents certainly have concerns about the traffic troubles expected this weekend after crews shutdown a multi-mile stretch of I-55 spanning from the Arkansas side of the river all the way to the I-240 junction.

"I`m sure it`ll make traffic worse for the new bridge, `cause, I mean, that`s the only access over here now," said driver Makiah Nowlin.

Nowlin, who lives in Arkansas and depends on the I-55 bridge to come into Memphis, said he's already anticipating what his drive might be like.

"It`ll be an inconvenience."

The Detour Route

It was the same for drivers taking 55 North Friday evening.

We watched as a steady stream of headlights poured off the interstate onto South Parkway as drivers were rerouted.

"Sounds like it could be a mess."

It's a mess alright, especially for Peria Gober who's just hearing about the closures right as they were happening.

"Traffic is bad enough."

"Don`t need this?"

"Don`t need this. No!"