Mother meets good Samaritans who found her baby

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Jasmine Fentress reunited with the good Samaritans that comforted 7-month-old A’Lelah LaShun Fentress when she was taken last week.

Mya Lakes is charged with kidnapping A'Lelah from Elite Academy last Thursday evening.

Police said Lakes left her at the doorsteps of Kevin Murray and Cheryl Rutherford. Rutherford heard crying outside their apartment door, and when they checked to see what was going on, they were met with baby Fentress.

Rutherford quickly comforted A’Lelah and called 911.

Fentress was so grateful, she wanted to track down her baby’s rescuers to show her gratitude.

“You ensured her safety and called 911. I really, really thank you!"

Fentress said she’ll forever consider her baby’s rescuers as her family.