Murder investigation at Fox Meadows apartment complex

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Police are investigating a murder at an apartment complex in the Fox Meadows area.

Police say the shooting happened around 4 a.m. Thursday at the Reserve at Mt. Moriah on Mt. Moriah Road near Ridgeway.

Investigators saying they think they know who killed the victim identified by friends only as "JJ".

A grim start to the morning. People who live in The Reserve apartment complex say first they heard noise and then they saw an unspeakable sight.

"Three loud booms like someone is beating on something. Well it was louder than that like firecrackers almost back to back. (snaps fingers) 3 back to back," recalls Shaletha Miles.

She says the commotion sent her from her couch and to her feet.

"Looked out the front window didn’t see anything looked out my back window saw a young man laying there," added Miles.

Police say that young man was a 21 year-old man from Mississippi, neighbors say the man was visiting his sister at the apartment complex.

"His sister was just going crazy and wanted to talk to her mom," added Miles.

"She was like that was my brother, my brother is going to make it. I hope he make it," recalls Miles.

Despite her screams police say nothing could be done to save the victim.

"10 or 15 minute the ambulance came and they tried to do everything they could. I saw them put the stretcher into the ambulance and I knew then it was over," said Miles.

Behind the crime scene tape investigators worked to figure out how an argument spiraled out of control to the point one man’s life was taken

"It was horrible, it was really scary. you hear about it all the time, but to hear it so close. It’s heartbreaking," said Miles.

As a sea of blue lights lit up the apartment complex neighbors came outside to see what was going on. for Miles it just hits too close to home.

"When is it going to stop, that could have been my brother. my cousin or even just somebody I know."

As the sun rose in the complex neighbors watched the coroner leaving an eerie reminder of the fresh shadow cast on their morning.

Police say a black Pontiac G6 is linked to this murder as well as the individuals riding in that car. Police believe the victim and the person responsible for the murder were acquaintances.